10 Amazing Rentals for Your Spring Break in Mexico

There are many reasons why spring break in Mexico is the most popular choice.

When looking for sunny destinations to escape the cold, Mexico is a conveniently close neighbor. Many airlines offer direct flights to the country’s top destinations, which include some of the most popular beaches in the world.


If you’re a savvy traveler, you know that booking ahead is the smartest decision. You find the best accommodations, take the best deals, and even benefit from flexible cancellation policies.


So if you want to get your travel plans moving in advance, check out some of the best Casai apartments for spring break in Mexico 2022.

Tulum for spring break in Mexico

A prime tourist destination for foreign travelers and digital nomads, Tulum is settled on a beautiful coastline stretch in southern Mexico. Its turquoise waters and white-sanded beaches are a dream for spring breakers looking for the shore.


Here you can find eco-chic accommodations for all needs. For spring break, the musts are great location, comfort, and amenities that will make your trip memorable.

1. Loretta Jungle Penthouse

The protagonist of this luxurious penthouse is its large private pool, right on the outdoor terrace. Located in the community of Puerta Azul, it offers an exclusively curated experience designed by the renowned firm Artigas Arquitectos.


Its open concept was designed to house up to six guests and offer them panoramic views of their tropical patio and pool. Enjoy the premium appliances and amenities available for you, including locally sourced snacks and beverages, as well as access to the community’s exclusive beach clubs.

Casai | Loretta Jungle Penthouse, Tulum
Casai | Loretta Jungle Penthouse, Tulum

2. Flavia Jungle Flat

This luxurious ground-floor flat is the perfect balance between the city and the coast. Its panoramic views look out into the green flair of the jungle, as well as a tree-lined private pool perfect for enjoying the warm weather.


This comfortable stay is located right between the town and the coast and can house up to six guests at a time. Once you’ve enjoyed your time under the Caribbean sun, relax with the premium amenities available throughout the flat.

Casai | Flavia Jungle Flat, Tulum
Casai | Flavia Jungle Flat, Tulum

3. Concolor Caribbean Condo

A spacious, modern condo ready to welcome your entire crew. This spacious home is fully equipped to host up to 8 guests. It is located inside a beautifully designed apartment complex, where you can enjoy Tulum’s atmosphere without stepping off your home. 


And, for the party ambiance of spring break, you can hang around the centrally located terrace with an outdoor swimming pool. 

Another plus is this Casai’s unbeatable location: a short walk away from Tulum’s main street- and only a short drive to its mesmerizing beaches.

Casai | Concolor Caribbean Condo, Tulum
Casai | Concolor Caribbean Condo, Tulum

4. Regina Jungle Penthouse

This three-story penthouse comes with a private beach club access and its very own spa. It is located in Puerta Azul, an exclusive community of only nine condos developed by the renowned firm Artigas Arquitectos. It can host up to six guests, including pets!


Suppose you’re looking for a luxurious getaway. In that case, you can enjoy the apartment’s beautiful interior design, as well as the exclusive perks of complex Aldea Zama – a gated residential development with private amenities, parking spaces, and security.

Casai | Regina Jungle Penthouse, Tulum
Casai | Regina Jungle Penthouse, Tulum

5. Báalam Jungle Flat

This spacious loft is the ideal stay for nature lovers. You’ll enjoy the heart of Tulum’s jungle in a private pool terrace, perfect for sharing with up to six guests. All of the spaces have been thoughtfully designed to reflect the ambiance and feel of the city: a minimalist green retreat perfect for relaxing.


And if you feel like visiting the nearby beaches, you can comfortably spend the day at the Ikal and Kai beach clubs, exclusive to Aldea Zama.

Casai | Báalam Jungle Flat, Tulum
Casai | Báalam Jungle Flat, Tulum

6. Flamenco Jungle Loft

With wide, open spaces that harmonize with natural materials, this Casai apartment allows you to flow with the natural surroundings. It houses up to six guests and is part of a multi-unit complex, which means that many parties of six can stay together in the exclusive complex.


If you ever want to explore the town, you’ll be within walking distance of Tulum’s most popular bars and restaurants. Plus, early risers can watch the sunrise from the yoga room or head to the private gym for a full workout. And after a sunbathing session at the beach, you can enjoy an after-dinner snooze at the nap bar, or relax with a book on the solarium.

Casai | Flamenco Jungle Loft, Tulum
Casai | Flamenco Jungle Loft, Tulum

7. Amira Jungle Penthouse

This state-of-the-art penthouse offers tree-house views and private beach club access. This exclusive getaway can house up to four guests in the gated community of Aldea Zama. 

The star of the show is its stunning terrace, which you can access from every room. It is the perfect spot for gazing at the stars in the Mayan night sky. You will enjoy all of the amenities of this exclusive complex, including access to its private beach clubs.

Casai | Amira Jungle Penthouse, Tulum
Casai | Amira Jungle Penthouse, Tulum

8. Alex Jungle Flat

This eco-chic oasis features modern architecture with a distinctly Mayan influence. If you want to relax under the Caribbean sun, the terrace and private swimming pool are all you need to spend your days in Tulum.


This stunning condo houses up to four guests, perfect if you’re traveling with a smaller crew. It is located in Aldea Zama, which means you get all the benefits of the gated community. And if you feel like staying at home any day during your trip, the apartment is fully decked out with modern devices and amenities, including high-speed wifi and Smart Tvs.

Casai | Alex Jungle Flat, Tulum
Casai | Alex Jungle Flat, Tulum

9. Onca Beautiful Flat

This two-bedroom apartment is all you need for a worry-free spring break in Mexico. It is perfect for housing up to six guests comfortably. Its double-height ceilings and floor-length windows illuminate the Mayan stone interiors with lots of natural light. 


Once you return home from a long day at the beach, you can take a refreshing shower with our locally-sourced, organic toiletries. Or even catch up with your favorite show using our Smart Tvs with Netflix and Chromecast.

If you’re looking to entertain, make use of the fully equipped kitchen and dining area, and enjoy the snacks and beverages courtesy of Casai.

Casai | Onca Beautiful Flat, Tulum
Casai | Onca Beautiful Flat, Tulum

10. Los Cabos for spring break in Mexico

Our tenth choice is a wild card. Cabos San Lucas is the newest addition to the Casai destinations, and these yet-to-be premiered stays have become some of our favorites.


If you liked the Casai’s available in Tulum, follow our Instagram profile and stay tuned for the release of our newest properties on the Pacific coast.

Casai in Los Cabos. Rentals for spring break in Mexico
The views in Los Cabos. Photo: Christopher Kuzman

Why stay in Casai during spring break?

Casai’s apartments have been thoughtfully designed with the requirements of the modern traveler in mind. Our fully furnished vacation rentals offer contactless check-ins, professional cleaning services, and 24/7 digital support. 


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