10 Mexico City Designers and Artists We Love at Casai

A major goal at Casai is to immerse guests in local life. This means going beyond recommending popular eateries or nearby markets. At Casai we infuse local artistic traditions and designers into our spaces from paintings to glassware. When you step into one of our Mexico City apartments, we promise you’ll know you’re in Mexico City. Casai spaces are a testament to the vibrancy of life here. 


Aside from enhancing the guest experience, our decision to work with local companies and designers is part of our commitment to community sustainability. Here’s a list of ten brands and artists Casai is proud to work with.

Bandido Studio-Mexico City designer

Many visitors have no idea that world-class designers are based in CDMX, and that the city has a clear aesthetic in terms of interior design. The lamps created by Bandido Studio reflect this aesthetic: beautiful, clean lines with plenty of intrigue, reminiscent of Art Deco.


Though their style is simple, Bandido pieces leave a lasting impression. Many Casai apartments feature the touch-activated BO Lámparas de Mesa.

&JACOB represents the best of Mexico’s naturaleza, handcrafting marble and volcanic rock into everything from lamps to kitchenware to candles. Their design process is enriched by local artisans, and their selection is so versatile.


We feel fortunate to have been able to collaborate with this brand on a custom &JACOB x Casai mounted coat rack set. This is a centrepiece in our apartments. Comprising of three distinct spheres of different materials from three Mexican pueblos. They perfectly represent Casai’s ideals of connecting communities and “connecting the dots” between new and traditional systems of hospitality.

Harumi Tanimoto - Mexican-Japanese artist

As a Japanese-Mexican artist, Harumi represents the diversity in Mexico that many outsiders might not know about. Much of her work is architectural, depicting famous CDMX buildings in a brilliant, eye-popping way. 


See our video feature of Harumi below.

Fun fact about Taller Experimental ceramics workshop—practically every high-end sushi restaurant in CDMX uses their handmade plates (yes, we have flipped the dishes upside down to check). They use traditional methods to create a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors, making their work both practical and decorative.


Dining on a Taller Experimental plate transforms a simple meal into an elegant, artful experience.

Daāch is a textile brand created by Daniela Chiñas, another artist we featured in our Casai Gallery project. Her elegant macramé fits especially well with our Retro Delight collection, and the tireless hours she puts into her pieces speak for themselves. 

Per Natural Urbano’s mission statement, they aim to transform common objects into conceptual pieces, and their work is also very representative of CDMX. Their pieces are simple, charming and fit perfectly with Casai’s four distinct design styles. 

Casai handpicked artist, Rocca, to design a mural for our corporate headquarters in Roma Norte — transforming a somewhat-awkward space in the lobby to something dynamic. His style contrasts with the design concept of Casai in the best way possible.


Known for lively abstractions and sinuous silhouettes, Rocca’s work has been exhibited all over the world. He’s contemporary and one-of-a kind.

Specializing in ceramics and wool weaving, M.A works closely with native artisanal communities across Mexico. As a brand they exercise fair trade and equity, using ancestral processes for gorgeous contemporary pieces. The first six Casai apartments featured M.A wool rugs. We have since grown our partnership with them to create specialty pieces that we are including in more and more units.

Founded and led by designer Christian Vivanco, Balsa makes timeless, masterful wicker and rattan furniture and decor. We have worked with Christian to design unique wicker trays for many of our Casai apartments. He is also known for his striking wall masks that are in the form of endangered Mexican species.

Sopora, a woman-led and family-owned company, creates gorgeous hand blown and 100% recycled glassware. Their stunning vases are made in Jalisco, Mexico’s glassblowing capital, and easily dress up any apartment.

As a company committed to sustainability, Casai is proud to support Mexican craftsmanship and designers, and will continue to source locally wherever we expand. Not only to support the local economy, but to bring an authentic ambience to each and every stay.


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