10 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Mexico This Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and with Covid-19 vaccine programs well under way, isn’t it time we start thinking about traveling and reconnecting again? More and more Americans are journeying south to Mexico this year. In fact, official Mexico City airport arrival data suggests the largest population traveling to CDMX after Mexicans are Americans. 


In a recent Travel Trends for 2021 report by the Expedia Group, they found that out of the 2,200 Americans they surveyed, 42% said that positive news surrounding a COVID-19 vaccine made them more hopeful about travel, or even drove them to booking a trip. In this same report, it found that Cancun is the top destination for travel in 2021, based on flight demand and already confirmed trips. It also shared that when people come to book their next vacation, they will look for and safety protocols as well as flexibility. 



So with this in mind,  we’ve got your back now that travel’s back! Here are the 10 things you should know before traveling to Mexico this summer, so you can plan your vacation and have something to look forward to!

Travelling to Mexico this summer - Mexico City is in Green Traffic Light

1/10: Where to check Semáforo updates and Covid-19 restrictions within Mexico?

At the beginning of the pandemic, Mexico created a four-tier traffic-light system to categorize the states into certain levels of risks of infection and hospitality admissions. You can check the traffic light status of each state here. They are updated every two weeks based on progress and case numbers. Currently the majority of the states are either in green and yellow. But what does that mean? 


Red traffic light: Only essential activities are allowed. People are permitted to go for a walk nearby to where they live during the day. 


Orange traffic light: As well as essential activities, some non-essential activities will be allowed to function. Only 30% of their staff will be able to work and take the necessary Covid-19 precautions. Outdoor spaces can open at a reduced capacity. 


Yellow traffic light: All activities are allowed, but still taking care of the people who are at high risk. Open spaces can open regularly and closed spaces can now open at a reduced capacity. Covid-19 precautions must still be in place, such as wearing a face mask, hand sanitizer and taking temperatures. 


Green traffic light: Like the yellow traffic light, all activities are allowed and schools can now open. Mexico City moved into the green traffic light this week! 


This system has allowed locals and visitors to continue their life as normal (except in the red traffic light) but with the use of face masks and other precautions when entering shops and restaurants. This freedom and lack of restrictions compared to those implemented in the USA and Europe has been extremely appealing to visitors.

Plane flying over Mexico City

2/10: What are the processes like at the airports when you arrive to Mexico?

Another reason why you should travel to Mexico this summer is that it is extremely simple to enter. You don’t need to take a Covid-19 test before you fly or quarantine when you arrive. The only restriction in place is that travelers must complete a health declaration form which generates a QR code. This is scanned on arrival. Your airline will send you a link to fill in the health declaration before you arrive in Mexico. 

3/10: PCR tests are required when you return to the USA

Do keep in mind that on your return journey home, you will need to take a PCR test up to 72 hours before your flight. When you stay with Casai in Mexico City or Tulum, you don’t need to worry about finding the nearest testing centre. Relax! As we said earlier, we’ve got your back. Let Casai handle everything. We can send a PCR test to your apartment so you can take the test from the comfort of your home. If you want to keep low in the days leading up to your flight, our apartments are equipped with high-speed WiFi and smart-home technology so you can always stay connected and entertained.

Best shopping in Mexico City is Avenida Masaryk

4/10: What is the safest way to get from the airport?

If you arrive in Mexico City, the best way to get from the airport to your Casai apartment is Uber. An Uber ride should cost around MX$120-170, depending on the time of day you arrive. 


When you arrive at Cancún and you have a Casai Getaway reserved in Tulum, the best way to get there from Cancún is either by a private driver or an ADO bus. For example, a private transfer with GoHolbox for up to five passengers is USD$117.50 in total. Alternatively, ADO has frequent departures from Cancún Airport Terminal 2, direct to Tulum for MX$300 per person. 


However, one of the easiest ways to travel to Tulum is hiring a car. Tulum is less than two hours drive away from Cancún. Don’t forget that Casai guests receive 50% off with Hertz! The roads in Quintana Roo are well-surfaced and you can follow the highway straight ahead to reach Tulum and other beach towns. 

Bosque de Chapultepec

5/10: What is the weather like in the summer in Mexico?

Overall, the weather in Mexico in the summer entails sunny days, stormy afternoons and cool evenings. Although the summer is generally the rainy season in Mexico, your entire day won’t be distrubed by a downpour. From 4pm onwards you can go in search of shelter, in a or beach bar, in case the heavens open. It’s not guaranteed to rain every day but we recommend packing a raincoat and some boots or trainers to splash about in puddles. 


In Mexico City, the summer is a very pleasant time of year to visit as the rain brings cooler temperatures so you can explore the city comfortably. Many of our Casai apartments have fantastic views over the city, giving you front row seats to exciting lightning shows. 


Over on the Caribbean Coast you can expect 80 °F (30°C) temperatures all year round. In the summer, thunderstorms break out in the afternoons or evenings but the moody skies give you plenty of warning. 

Girl playing in the waves at Tulum, Mexico

6/10: What are the most popular destinations to visit in Mexico?

Recent statistics show that Mexico City and the Caribbean Coast are among the top visited destinations in Mexico in 2021. Trends indicate an upward rise in the arrivals to Cancún airport in the coming months and there are now 31% more seats available on flights to Cancún than in 2019 to accommodate the influx of travellers. 


For instance, in July there are 7,000 flights scheduled to the Cancún International Airport from America. From Cancún, travellers disperse along the Riviera Maya and down to Tulum. There has also been a 30% increase in international arrivals to Mexico City airport between May 2021 and June 2021. 


Mega metropolis, Mexico City, is extremely diverse and it can be difficult to decide where to stay. Our favorite neighborhoods include: Colonia Roma Norte, Colonia Juárez, Polanco, and La Condesa. Before you choose a Casai apartment, take our quiz to find out which neighborhood will suit you best.


If you are flying to Cancún, we would recommend coming directly to Tulum for a more tranquil, bohemian vibe vacation. Be one of the first to stay in our luxury villas in Aldea Zama — an upcoming and safe neighborhood of Tulum. Our vacation rentals in Tulum have been carefully handpicked and meet our Casai’s high quality standards and requirements. Including high-end interior design and incredible layouts, impeccably clean, fast WiFi and stylish work stations. 

One of the best things to do in a day in Tulum - The Maya Ruins

7/10: What is the culture like in Mexico?

There are several Indigenous groups within Mexico and around 68 indigenous languages are still spoken today. The three indigenous groups that stand out include: Zapotec, Maya and Aztec. You can still hear Zapotec being spoken in some rural villages of Oaxaca and you can visit the Zapotec ruins at Monte Alban. 


Mexico City is a fantastic place to experience Mexico’s and admire ancient . You can spend hours in the Anthropology museum marvelling at the exhibitions and archeological artifacts. Also, the ancient city of Teotihuacan is an unmissable experience. On the Riviera Maya and around Tulum, you can still witness Mayan kingdoms that rise above jungles or hang over pristine beaches and take a dip in a sacred cenote. 

Los Danzantes, Coyoacan Mexico City
Salón Ríos, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City

8/10: What to eat and drink in Mexico

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear “”? Burritos? Fajitas? Well, luckily Mexican food encompasses much more than what we’re used to. Try the seven moles of Oaxaca; the baja style fish of the Pacific coast; cochinita pibil of the Caribbean coast; or juicy tacos del pastor from the streets of Mexico City. It’s a foodie’s dream destination, where most dishes are bathed in flavorsome sauces and condiments are as important as the meal itself. 


When it comes to …tequila move aside! Meet , it’s more mature and smoky cousin. It’s mezcal that reigns over the in Mexico now. Trendy Mezcalerías are popping up on every corner in Mexico City and Tulum and can be especially enjoyed on a cool night. This smoky agave spirit can be enjoyed slowly, inhaling the  rustic aromas as you take a sip, or it can be added to a cocktail to add a fiery flavor.

Plantasia vegan restaurant in roma norte mexico city

9/10: The local people are welcoming and friendly

If you are someone who wakes up cheery on a Sunday morning and goes for a stroll, making sure you get a smile or a ‘good morning’ from at least one passerby, then you are going to love Mexico. Imagine a world where most people smile at you or go out of their way to greet you. Even in the concrete jungle of Mexico City, you will squeeze a smile out of almost anybody. 


Mexicans are notoriously welcoming and friendly. That is why our apartments and villas are located in local neighborhoods that are not only safe but warm and including. This way you can connect with the local community and experience living in the destination rather than just feel like you’re passing through.

M.A artisans from oaxaca mexico

10/10: Mexico is famous for its Artisans and Designers

What brings Mexico to life are its phenomenal artists and designers. It’s overwhelming the amount of textiles, artisans, ceramics and pieces of art you can find in this country. Each state has its own speciality, from the intricately carved and painted alebrijes of Oaxaca; the pottery of Guadalajara; talavera of Puebla; to eco-friendly and natural products of Tulum. 

In our Casai apartments, our mission is to integrate our guests with local art and artisans. We infuse local artistic traditions and designers into our spaces — from paintings to ceramics so you can feel like you are in Mexico even from your bedroom.

Ready to travel to Mexico? Book your summer vacation now with Casai and take 15% off on all stays before June 30th. 

Casai Livingroom
Maguey Designer Pad, Condesa, Mexico City
Getaways in Tulum - the best place to stay in Tulum
Alux Jungle Flat, Tulum
Chapultepec Gorgeous Terrace, Roma Norte, Mexico City