A Day in Roma Norte: Walking Tour of The Neighborhood

Welcome to our walking tour of Roma Norte — the Williamsburg of Mexico City. As you walk down the pretty, tree-canopied streets, admire the eclectic mix of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernist architecture. Dip into coffee shops or art galleries and refuel in gourmet markets. 


There’s a bit of everything in this hip neighborhood and it’s hard to squeeze everything in one day. That’s why we’ve uncovered the best places to visit in Roma Norte, all in walking distance from your Casai apartment. Read on for our list of what to do in a day in Roma Norte.

A morning in Roma Norte

Imagine you’re waking up on a Saturday morning with the chirp of the birds and buzz of the local life opening up below you. What do you have planned for the day? Let us take you on a walking tour of Roma Norte so you can get to grips with your surroundings. Many of our Casai apartments are located on Calle Tonalá, so we will start there (A). 



Early bites – Brunch and Breakfast in Roma Norte

First and foremost, breakfast. Or brunch, depending on what time you start your day. It is a Saturday after all. If you’re an early bird and fancy a light bite and coffee, then walk around the block to Panadería Rosetta. Made famous by sister restaurant, Rosetta, this bakery is described by many as the best in the city. Chef, Elena Reygadas, injects a Mexican twist into her European baking creations. For instance, pan pulque, guava rolls and victoria sponge kisses are all must-tries. 

For brunch lovers, just a stone’s throw away from your Roma Norte apartment is the iconic Huset (B). On weekends, Huset is open for brunch between 10AM-1PM. Enjoy dining al fresco in their charming patio, located in a once-abandoned Roma mansion. Chef, Maycoll Calderon, gets his inspiration for the daily menu from early morning finds at the market. The concept behind Huset is to take you back to the countryside through smoky flavors and fresh and seasonal produce. 


Shopping in Roma Norte

Now that you feel energized after a coffee or mimosa, why not take a peak around Roma’s trendy and boutique shops. First, pass by Plaza Rio de Janeiro (C), a tranquil open space with a Michelangelo’s David statue rising out from the central fountain. The plaza is bordered by beautiful buildings and crumbling mansions. Afterwards, enjoy Roma’s best stores offering up local designers, one-of-a-kind finds and snazzy garms.

Plaza Rio de Janeiro, Roma Norte

Polanco hosts international designers and high-fashion stores, whereas Roma is home to some of Mexico City’s best boutiques. Carla Fernández is a Mexican designer who partners with indigenous communities to create bright and bold pieces based on her experiences with these cultures. Her store in Roma Norte is towards Mercado Norte (G), but we’ll get there on the walking tour later. 


For those who prefer sustainable fashion, try Goodbye Folk — they refurb vintage pieces and give them a new life. Closeby is Casa Bosques (D), a ‘unique art and design bookstore’ in Roma Norte, tucked away in an old colonial mansion. They offer a wide selection of books, magazines and other printed publications that cover topics such as art; architecture’ photography and design. 


Calle Tonalá (A) to Huset (B) is a 3 minute walk.

Huset (B) to Plaza Rio de Janeiro (C) is a 7 minute walk.

Plaza Rio de Janeiro (C) to Casa Bosques (D) is a 4 minute walk.


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How to spend the afternoon in Roma Norte

After some retail therapy, it’s time to get our culture on. Next stop on our walking tour of Roma Norte is Museo del Objeto del Objeto (Museum of the Purpose of the Object) (E) located in an Art Nouveau preserved building. Using its collection of 140,000 objects, MODO tells stories of social movements, cultural changes and trends throughout time. These fascinating artifacts, which have accompanied daily life in Mexico, portray certain tales and themes that date back to the 19th century.  


Between museum visits, you might be ready for a coffee stop. Both Cardinal Casa de Cafe and Dosis are only a 3-5 minute walk away from our next stop. 


Two blocks down from MODO is Galeria OMR — a cutting-edge art gallery set in an industrial building in the heart of Roma. It has a reputation for featuring avant-garde artists that go on to become increasingly renowned in the art world. 

Mercado Roma, Roma Norte

Next door is Casa Laam Cultural Center (F). This is one of Roma’s most famous landmarks and is one the original buildings from the early 20th century, when Roma began to develop as a wealthy suburb of Mexico City. Here you will find a cultural center, library, academic area, gallery, and bistrot. In the early 90s the mansion was acquired by the García Collantes family. They fully restored the building to bring it back to its former glory and charm. 


Afternoon drinks in Roma Norte

After soaking up some culture, it’s time to start sampling Roma’s finest cuisine and mixology. Walk towards Parque Mexico to find one of Roma’s best gourmet markets, Mercado Roma (G). This upscale food court has an array of options; ranging from tacos; to seafood; pizza; and craft beers. Discover what’s on offer on all three levels and be sure to find the rooftop beer garden to end your afternoon.


Casa Bosques (D) to the Museum of the Purpose of the Object (E) is a 4 minute walk.

Museum of the Purpose of the Object (E) to Casa Laam (F) is a 3 minute walk.

A night in Roma Norte

As the sun sets on Mexico City it’s time to head to the skies. Two of Roma’s best rooftop bars are Supra (H) and Balmori  — both offering unique views of the sprawling city below. The Sky Deck at Supra has arguably some of the best views of Mexico City. It has a collection of natural wines and their cocktails are most intriguing. Whereas, Balmori is a rooftop oasis in the middle of Roma, surrounding you with exotic plants and leafy trees. Their menu experiments with national flavours and the cocktail list is fun and refreshing. 


Late-night Bites- Dinner in Roma Norte

After a day of walking and exploring Roma, we recommend dining at Maximo Bistrot (I) — a farm-to-table concept from one of Mexico City’s top chefs, Eduardo Garcia. Expect to find an exquisite blend of French and Mexican flavors created by locally sourced produce. The menu is innovative and changes daily, combining intense tastes and creating an unforgettable culinary experience. This stop will most definitely require some planning ahead and a reservation is advised, especially at weekends.

If you aren’t ready to call it a night just yet, then just a short walk away is Licorería Limantour. This distillery offers one the best and largest selections of cocktails in Mexico City. The bartenders create innovative, aromatic cocktails that celebrate taste and textures, as well as Latin flavors. If that doesn’t twist your arm to go, they were voted number 17 in “The World’s 50 Best Bars Awards”


Top Snacks in La Roma

Finally, you can’t end a cocktail-fuelled evening with a late night snack. Hence our last stop on our walking tour of Roma Norte, Churrería El Muro (J). This location in Roma is the latest addition to the El Muro collection. Francisco Iriarte came from a little village in Spain to Mexico City in 1933, where he realised no one was selling his beloved churros. He began with a churro cart in the Zocalo and with the ever-growing fondness of churros in Mexico, ‘El Muro’ has since become an extremely successful family business, now with over 10 churrerías across Mexico City.


Casa Laam (F) to Mercado Roma (G) is a 14 minute walk.

Mercado Roma (G) to Supra Rooftop (H) is a 10 minute walk.

Supra Rooftop (H) to Maximo Bistrot (I) is a 5 minute walk.

Maximo Bistrot (I) to Churrería El Muro (J) is a 4 minute walk.

Churrería El Muro (J) back to Calle Tonalá (A) is a 13 minute walk.

Fachadas of Roma, Mexico City
Doorway and Scooter in Roma Norte, CMDX

Here ends our walking guide of Roma Norte. Of course there are many more places to visit if you are staying in Mexico City for a longer time. Including Parque España and Parque Mexico, as well as so many more top restaurants and bars. 


Ready to experience this incredible neighborhood? Check our available Casai units in Roma Norte.

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