Aldea Zama: The Best Place to Stay in Tulum

Tulum has quickly become one of Mexico’s most popular beach destinations. And within the town, Aldea Zama has become the hot spot for savvy travelers. 

“Zamá,” which in Mayan means “sunrise,” was Tulum’s original name. It has now been adopted by this residential development- built into a tropical forest full of mangroves and lush vegetation. 


Aldea Zama is a trendy neighborhood designed to promote a self-sustainable lifestyle and a stress-free environment. Furthermore, its complexes were designed by renowned architects and artists, and now house some of the coolest, most awarded projects in the city.


For the ideal stay in Tulum, look no further than Aldea Zama.

Where is Aldea Zama?

Aldea Zama is located halfway between Tulum Pueblo and the coast. Meaning that, of all the residential complexes located in the jungle, it is the closest to the shore


If you’re moving by bike – a popular, eco-friendly transport within Tulum- you’ll arrive at one of Aldea Zama’s private beach clubs in under 10 minutes. If you feel like exploring Tulum’s hotel zone, you need less than 30 minutes to arrive.


Plus, downtown Tulum and its popular bars, shops, and restaurants are only 15 minutes away by bike. 


For reference, Aldea Zama is also rather close to other important Riviera Maya cities. In other words, you can arrive in Playa del Carmen in 45 minutes by car, or at the Cancun Airport in 90 minutes.

Amira Jungle Penthouse Aldea Zama: The Best Place to Stay in Tulum | Casai
Casai | Amira Jungle Penthouse, Tulum

What is special about Aldea Zama?

Today, Aldea Zama is the most exclusive residential area in Tulum and the one with the highest demand. It is at the forefront of eco-friendly developments, and the architects and designers behind the projects are some of the best in the continent. 


Although Tulum is now a world-class destination, not all areas have been conditioned for receiving visitors. In Aldea Zama, everything has been paved and urbanized. Plus, all of the utility cabling – electricity, phone, internet – is located underground, which means nothing blocks your sky views.


There are lots of walking and biking trails that intertwine throughout the jungle. While exploring these carved-out paths, it is not unusual to come upon a freshwater cenote, a Mayan ruin, or an exotic bird.

If you’re planning to be a digital nomad in Tulum, you’ll find reliable Wi-Fi in the complex – a rare commodity in the rest of the city. And long-term visitors are a common affair, which means you’re bound to find a better deal than a hotel.


Last but not least, Aldea Zama is the safest area in Tulum. It has only two entrances, which are monitored 24/7. As a result, this community is a tranquil space to stroll around during the day and night.

Apartments in Aldea Zama, Tulum | Casai
Aparments in Aldea Zama, Tulum | Casai

What to do in Aldea Zama?

In addition to the luxury developments within the area, Aldea Zama has private beach clubs and access to hot spots on the shore, many of which are complimentary with your stay.


Therefore, you can explore the surrounding nature, jump into one of the common pool areas (depending on your building complex), or stop by one of the local coffee shops, bars, and restaurants comfortably close to home.

Ceviche in Safari Campfire | Photo: Alexandra Tran

Some of our favorites restaurants within Aldea Zama are:

Matcha Mama Aldea Zama
Now you can enjoy everyone’s favorite matcha shack in Aldea Zama. Choose from breakfast bowls, mango tango kombucha, and of course matcha lattes.


Safari Campfire Zama
A simple fire pit under the Mayan sky, Safari has some of the best tacos in town. That is to say, most of the cooking takes place in a genuine 1971 Airstream ‘Safari’ trailer, which gives the restaurant its name.


The Pitted Date
One of the nicest Vegan restaurants in Tulum with a rich menu. It’s open for breakfast and lunch and offers many beloved dishes with a vegan-friendly twist. Furthermore, it is even a popular spot with non-vegan foodies. 

Explore Tulum from Aldea Zama

There’s plenty to explore and enjoy within the development, but one of the best parts of staying in Aldea Zama is its connectivity with the rest of Tulum


If you feel like diving deeper into the heart of the jungle, you can book a tour of Cobá’s Mayan ruins, a snorkeling trip, or a cenote getaway – all with direct transport from and to the complex.

Cenote Samulá close to Tulum Town
Cenote Calavera, close to Tulum Town

Where to stay in Aldea Zama:

The best place to stay in Aldea Zama is within its signature projects- ample getaways perfect for you and your loved ones, with premium amenities included.


Here are some of our favorite Casai’s within the area.

Apartments in Aldea Zama, Tulum | Casai
Aparments in Aldea Zama, Tulum | Casai

Amira Jungle Penthouse

This state-of-the-art penthouse offers tree-house views and private beach club access. This getaway is located in an exclusive 9 condominium facility, and can house up to four guests.


The star of the show is its stunning terrace, which you can access from every room. It is the perfect spot for gazing at the stars in the Mayan night sky. You will enjoy all of the amenities of this tailored development, including access to its private beach clubs.

Amira Jungle Penthouse. Aldea Zama: The Best Place to Stay in Tulum | Casai
Casai | Amira Jungle Penthouse, Tulum

Flavia Jungle Flat

This luxurious ground-floor flat is the perfect balance between the city and the coast. Its panoramic views look out into the green flair of the jungle, as well as a tree-lined private pool perfect for enjoying the warm weather.


This comfortable stay is located right between the town and the coast and can house up to six guests at a time. Once you’ve enjoyed your time under the Caribbean sun, relax with the premium amenities available throughout the flat.

Flavia Jungle Flat. Aldea Zama: The Best Place to Stay in Tulum | Casai
Casai | Flavia Jungle Flat, Tulum

Loretta Jungle Penthouse

The protagonist of this luxurious penthouse is its large private pool, right on the outdoor terrace. Located in the community of Puerta Azul, it offers an exclusively curated experience designed by the renowned firm Artigas Arquitectos.


Its open concept was designed to house up to six guests and offer them panoramic views of their tropical patio and pool. Enjoy the premium appliances and amenities available for you, including locally sourced snacks and beverages, as well as access to the community’s exclusive beach clubs.

Loretta Jungle Penthouse. Aldea Zama: The Best Place to Stay in Tulum | Casai
Casai | Loretta Jungle Penthouse, Tulum

Ready to book your stay in Tulum? Check out our exclusive getaways available now.

Regina Jungle Penthouse, Tulum, Mexico
Casai Báalam Jungle Flat, Tulum
Báalam Jungle Flat, Tulum, Mexico
Casai Alux Jungle Flat, Tulum
Alex Jungle Flat, Tulum, Mexico