Brazil: The best country for Father's Day

What’s the best way to celebrate Father’s Day in Brazil? Depends on the father figure we’re celebrating. Perhaps a cultural fan who would love to spend the day packed in a museum. Perhaps a football fan who’d lose it over a last-minute goal. Or a nature lover who’s always down for a day under the sun.


No matter the plan, a trip for father’s day is the ultimate gift. And as the date approaches in the country, it’s time to pack our bags. Here’s why you should celebrate Father’s Day in Brazil.

When is Father’s Day in Brazil?

Although the number is constantly changing, Brazilians know that when the calendar hits August, it is time to celebrate.

In most parts of the world, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. But in Brazil, Father’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of August.


Legend says that the date was set by a well-known journalist who wanted to boost his newspaper sales. The first date coincided with the feast day of St. Joachim, father of Mary in the Christian tradition.

To sum up, families nowadays enjoy this holiday for gift giving, spending quality time, and the most adventurous ones, roaming around the country through its many dreamy destinations.

What is Casai?

Casai is a Latin American-based hospitality service created for the travelers of tomorrow. We offer curated vacation rentals in the best neighborhoods across Latin America that merge:

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In other words, savvy globetrotters looking to explore Brazil can now find trendy-dressed Casai across the country’s coolest neighborhoods.

A plan for nature lovers: Florianópolis, BR

The island is fondly called “Floripa” by many of its visitors and residents. It is known for its stunning natural areas and significant cultural offer. Plus, it is a paradise for beach enthusiasts.


Praia dos Ingleses and Campeche Beach are beloved surfing spots by locals and tourists alike. Moreover, they’re conveniently located near downtown Florianópolis, near residential spots full of delicious restaurants, trendy shops and museums.

But suppose you’re looking for a more secluded natural experience. In that case, you can take it one step further and visit Campeche Island, a chill paradise with clear and calm (yet cold) waters, surrounded by green nature and cute Coatis.


On the other hand, if you’re looking to spice up your typical beach setting, the Dunas da Praia da Joaquina are considered some of the most unique in Brazil. On rainless days, you can even enjoy Sandboarding. If you don’t have a board on hand, you can rent one during your visit.

Achillea Amazing Apartment | Casai, Florianópolis

Your Florianópolis getaway: Achillea Amazing Apartment

This Casai is located a few steps from beloved Jurerê beach. Guests can explore the wide gastronomic offer of the area and stroll through its safe and quiet streets. They can enjoy the amenities offered by the building, such as the business center, the hiking trail, a semi-Olympic swimming pool with lanes, a gourmet space, and more.


The modern aesthetics of the apartment make it a spacious and cozy space perfect for couples, groups of friends, or families.

A plan for culture fans: Rio de Janeiro

There are many reasons why Rio de Janeiro is known as “The Wonderful City.” Amazing views, sun-kissed beaches, and a skyline that includes Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer.


Firstly, we recommend visiting Quinta da Boa Vista in the São Cristóvão neighborhood. This park was the home of the Portuguese Royal Family in Brazil until the 19th century. 

To discover the modern side of Rio, go to the Boulevard Olímpico on the Ancient Port. You will be amazed by the impressive design of the Museum of Tomorrow and the colorful graffiti of the local artist Eduardo Kobra. To learn more about Brazilian art, visit the Museum of Modern Art (M.A.M.).

Rio houses the third largest urban forest in the world, Tijuca National Park. This 9,000 acres park has caves, hiking paths, waterfalls, and top tourist attractions, such as Pedra da Gávea and Corcovado. 


And, if you’re celebrating a hard-core football fan, the Maracanã Stadium is one of the most popular sports venues in the country. You’ll find games happening throughout the week and weekend, but be sure to schedule soon to get the best seats in the house.

Martinho Marvelous Stay | Casai, Rio de Janeiro

Your Rio de Janeiro getaway: Martinho Marvelous Stay

This spacious 82 m2 condo is located near the famous Copacabana beach. Guests can stroll through the neighborhood’s charming streets and find delicious Brazilian treats, enjoy the tunes of live Bossa Nova bands and breathe the salty breeze of the shore.


The modern feel of this sophisticated space is echoed by its smart technology: Contactless check-in, high-speed WiFi, and digital assistance. Plus, if you’re planning on exploring the city by car, it offers private parking. And, as it is a stay for the whole family, it is pet-friendly!

A plan for city lovers: São Paulo

Sao Paulo is Latin America’s largest city – with 20 million inhabitants. And it is one of the most vibrant, multicultural, and exciting cities in Brazil.


Perhaps you’re traveling with an enthusiastic foodie, excited to try the different flavors of the country. You’re in luck! São Paulo boasts an impressive 70 percent of Brazil’s Michelin star restaurants. You will find the only restaurant with two Michelin stars in the Jardins neighborhood. D.O.M. is considered one of the best places in the world to eat. Led by Brazilian chef Alex Atala, the menu celebrates Brazil’s Amazon region, offering flavors and ingredients never experienced before.

If you’re looking to explore man-made landmarks, the Catedral da Se is one of the five largest neo-gothic temples in the world. And geographically speaking, it is considered the very center of São Paulo. You can book a tour guide to explore inside, and be sure to stop by the crypt where indigenous leader, Tibiriçá, is buried – aligned with the imaginary line of Capricorn’s Tropic.


You may even take a trip across the globe in this vast multicultural city. Perhaps not commonly known, Brazil has the largest community of Japanese descendants outside Japan. Liberdade is the central hub of this community and has been transformed to resemble an Asian city, with a red torii arch at its entrance. Weekends are usually the best time to visit Liberdade for the eclectic market next to the metro station.

Tarsila Chic Escape | Casai, São Paulo

Your São Paulo getaway: Tarsila Chic Escape

This modern and spacious apartment is located in the Jardins neighborhood, a centric and modern side of São Paulo. You will be a few steps away from Paulista Avenue and 9 de Julho, a residential neighborhood full of trendy local stores. 


Its contemporary design echoes the thriving energy of the city. Enjoy all the premium amenities Casai offers, including organic toiletries, air conditioning, complimentary local treats, fast WiFi and 24/7 assistance. Best of all, even your furry friends are invited. The apartment is pet-friendly!