Casai Partners With TECHO to Provide Housing for Mexican Families

We are proud to announce our partnership with TECHO, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing housing for populations facing poverty in Latin America. Together with TECHO, Casai is committed to using our resources to support local communities in finding solutions to affordable housing. In addition to financial support, Casai’s partnership with TECHO will give our staff and guests the opportunity to volunteer and build homes for local families in Mexico.

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do at Casai. Every decision we make is reinforced by our core value: to leave the world a better place than we found it. According to Casai CEO, Nico Barawid, “Part of the reason we decided to partner with TECHO is its regional presence.” At Casai, we believe change starts at home and we are committed to using our resources to leave a positive impact on the communities we operate in.

Casai partners with nonprofit organization TECHO

Everything we do is an effort to maximize the impact we can make with the resources we have. This extends as much to our community impact approach as it does to our business impact.

CEO and Co-founder, Nico Barawid

In a conversation with TECHO’s National Director of Fund Development, Grace Palma, Casai asked what she believes are the biggest challenges for populations facing poverty in Mexico. Palma says many communities have lost faith in their leaders to incite positive change. Instead, they look towards organizations like TECHO for assistance. Sadly, it is left to the companies and organizations that hold influence in their community to produce change. 

As a company with a large presence in the local real estate and hospitality industries, Casai has made it a top priority to work alongside local government officials, like the Mexico City Secretariat of Tourism, to continue building a company that is collaborative rather than disruptive. 

Casai Co-founders with Mexico City SECTUR
We acknowledge our influence in Mexico, and we depend on learning from companies like TECHO to maintain a positive relationship with both government officials and members of each community we serve. This is what allows us to collaborate and invite positive change. Together, with our learnings from TECHO, we predict our ongoing relationship with government officials will allow us to collaboratively incite positive change.

If more companies saw the importance of social investment, we would live in more just and egalitarian societies. It is important to give back to society all that it’s given to us.

National Director of Fund Development at TECHO, Grace Palma

In addition to social and economic sustainability, Casai is aware of the role we play in maintaining a culturally sustainable society. Beyond the beautiful, locally-sourced furnishings inside our apartments, we are sensitive to the fact that we must expand operations in a way that uplifts local artisans and craftspeople; providing an experience for our guests that celebrates local culture rather than overpowering it. 

staff lunch at the casai office

We are dedicated to providing job opportunities to a diverse range of local professionals. As Barawid says in reference to Casai’s hiring initiatives, “We are committed to egalitarian talent and retention policies to ensure that our company reflects the rich diversity of the countries where we operate.” He explains that “for Casai, ‘Make the world a better place’ is a value that is not just a corporate platitude, but a key criterion for performance reviews and promotion.”

As we continue to expand as a company, we continue to educate ourselves on how to execute operations in the most sustainable way possible. And with our TECHO partnership, we are eager to learn more about the local community and continue to hold ourselves accountable for the economic, social and cultural growth in Mexico as well as other Latin American countries in the near future.

If you are a nonprofit organization interested in partnering with Casai, please send an email to for more information.