Introducing The New Casai App

Casai’s mission is to change the way the world travels and we are actively looking towards technology to make travel more seamless than ever before. Whether that’s outfitting every Casai with the latest smart home technology or emulating the concierge experience via. our 24/7 live concierge chat. Casai’s goal is to solve the modern traveler’s wants: the personalized service of 5-star accommodation with the freedom and privacy of an apartment rental. 

That’s why we’re excited to finally announce the Casai app! After over a year of interviews with Casai guests, tech and hospitality experts, we’ve created an app designed for the modern traveler. Think of it as your personal travel assistant; offering instant guidance, while allowing you as much breathing room as you need. 

Read below to learn about the Casai app’s exciting features:


1. Manage your stay: Your personal assistant

Organize all of your travel details through the Casai app. Add guests to your reservation, cancel your booking, look up your address, check-in information and even request a special service on the concierge chat.

With the Casai app, you can check-in 24/7 with your QR code, play a Spanish pre-recording for your building guard and access your apartment with your app’s keyless entry feature.

2. City guide: Your in-the-know tour guide

Access Casai’s exclusive city guide, curated by locals living in the neighborhood. We asked our Casai neighbors for their favorite city recommendations and mapped them out for our guests. 

From the best coffee spots, to shopping and drinks, browse through hundreds of the city’s most trendy spots, according to the local experts, and get to know the city through their lens.

3. 24/7 Concierge Chat: Your experience expert

Get instant personalized support at all hours of the day. Whether you’re looking to secure a dinner reservation, have some questions about the technology in your apartment or you would like to request an in-house massage, our dedicated concierge team is available to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

4. Keyless entry: Check-in with ease

Feel like a local staying in the city’s most luxurious apartments without the hassle of key exchanges or unreliable communication with your host. Simply press the unlock button on the Casai app to open your door.


Click here to download the app.