Explore Indoors: Learn About 5 Mexican Brands Behind Casai’s Premium Amenities

We get it: even though you’re back on the road, you’re spending a lot more time indoors — bingeing Netflix and dreaming about your next getaway. That’s why Casai is dedicated to bringing the local experience indoors.

All of Casai’s premium amenities are locally-sourced, from the organic bath products in your shower to the complimentary craft beer greeting you upon arrival. At Casai, you can look forward to exploring the city without leaving your front door.

Keep scrolling to learn about 5 of the Mexican brands you’re supporting when you stay at Casai:

Yema popcorn casai amenities

YEMA is a modern supermarket that provides a shopping experience rooted in quality, honesty, and simplicity. Selling everything from organic snacks to personal hygiene products, YEMA prides itself on its transparency, listing only the product’s ingredients on their minimalist labels. 

In your Casai: Look forward to cozying up to a great movie with YEMA’s sea salt and olive oil popcorn!

Mata de Café Casai amenities

Local coffee company, Mata de Café, freshly roasts and grounds their coffee in the high mountains of Veracruz. Known for its richer, more significant body, Veracruz coffee beans are seen as one of the best in Mexico — standing out from typical mellow-tasting Mexican coffee. You can expect to see Veracruz coffee in many popular coffee shops around Mexico City.

In your Casai: Start your morning right with a fresh cup of Mata de Cafe’s 100% Arábica, medium roast coffee.

Tempus cerveceria casai amenities

Skip the thrills; local brewery Tempus brews their beer to harmonize with food, rather than overpowering it. In their words, Tempus’ beer varieties are “designed for the pleasure of enjoying their character and flavor.” 

In your Casai: Open your fridge upon arrival to be welcomed by an ice-cold ‘Dorado’. This medium-bodied ale pairs well with just about everything, with intense notes of honey, complemented by light floral and citrus notes.

Florite mexican tea casai amenities

Florité is a local company passionate about providing quality teas in a coffee-dominated Mexico. Their hundreds of unique blends each deliver powerful tastes and aromas, from Green Chai to their White Tea and Mandarin Blend. With something for everyone, this company is committed to bringing tea culture to Mexico.  

In your Casai: Unwind at night with a selection of assorted Florité tea blends.

Ajolote Negro casai amenities

Ajolote Negro goes beyond personal hygiene products. This company is dedicated to saving the Ajolote Negro (commonly known as ‘the Mexican walking fish’) and it does so through environmental sustainability. The amphibian is native to the lakes surrounding Mexico; however, due to urbanization, they are facing extinction. With Ajolote Negro’s plastic-free, organic bath products, they hope to initiate sustainable lifestyle changes in Mexico to save this native species. 

In your Casai: Do your part in saving the local Ajolote Negro by enjoying your complimentary soap bar kit.

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