Interior Design as a Tool for Cultural Sustainability

Written by Alexa Backal, Head of Design at Casai

At Casai, we believe that interior design plays an important part in our company and cohesion is the key to a highly curated guest experience; a cohesion that can be felt by our guests at every phase of the experience. From the carefully-curated design pieces and amenities found in our spaces to the connection between local architecture and interior design, each element that goes into the Casai experience has been thoughtfully considered and carried out in an intentionally sustainable way.

Casai’s interior design team works hand-in-hand with local artisans and designers to offer stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces in our apartments that reflect local culture and celebrate craftsmanship. Casai’s philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that buying local does not only support the economy, but it invites our guests to feel at home in spaces that aesthetically speak the local language.

M.A artisans from oaxaca mexico
Designed by Mexico-City based artist M.A (featured in Casai apartments)
M.A artisans from oaxaca mexico
Artisans in Oaxaca, MX weaving tapestry designed by Mexican artist, M.A.

Home is more than a physical space filled with familiar comfort; it’s a feeling of community integration and connection to those around you. That’s why all of the pieces featured in our spaces tell the stories of the communities we are in. Whether it’s the story of the local artist who painted the art on your wall or the stories told through traditional design techniques, passed down through generations, we invite you to experience these local stories without leaving your front door.

"... we welcome you to stay in a space that is thoughtfully designed to combine the best parts of luxury and locality."

Photo of a Casai apartment in Mexico City. Visit to learn more about this apartment.

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter hotel rooms and corporate housing. We use design to celebrate a sentiment brought forth by a nomadic generation that believes travel is a lifestyle. All of our spaces are uniquely designed to reflect a range of styles, while seamlessly maintaining a sense of Casai familiarity. And with a philosophy rooted in functionality, comfort and cultural sustainability, we welcome you to stay in a space that is thoughtfully designed to combine the best parts of luxury and locality. 

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