Introducing Butler: Revolutionary Tech in Hospitality

Say hello to Butler. No, not the butler you know from Downton Abbey or Batman. This butler is a hardware hub. Keep reading to learn how Casai created Butler, what it does, and how it solves common pain points for tech in hospitality. 

 “The name Casai comes from ‘casa inteligente’ and that’s what our tech aims to do.” – Andrés Páez Martínez

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Why Casai Created Butler

Casai has been a tech-forward brand from the beginning. The inspiration for Casai came from the experiences of co-founders Nico Barawid (CEO) and Maricarmen Herrerías (COO). As a hospitality strategist, Maricarmen knew there was a better, more tech-forward way to run a hotel. As a consumer, Nico desired beautiful and intelligent living spaces that combined luxury with unique local touches. 

Thus, Casai was born. Together, they built a brand at the intersection of technology and guest-obsession. But in order to reinvent the way we experience hospitality, Casai needed to solve common travel pain points through modern solutions. The secret to our success? Butler. 

Nico and Maricarmen envisioned a guest experience where technology is seamlessly integrated for maximum convenience. The problem with combining all the latest technology (smart home devices, light controls, keyless entry, TV casting) is that each brand has their own hardware. Here is an explanation by Casai CTO Andrés Páez Martínez. 

“The smart home market is really fragmented. To have multiple brands’ hardware (Google, Amazon, etc.) talking to each other is impossible – unless you have something that can talk to all of them.” 

In order to bring Nico and Maricarmen’s vision to life, Andrés and his team created a product to do exactly that. 

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What does Butler do?

Butler is a smart home hub that ‘talks’ to all the brands in your Casai. With Butler there’s no need to download countless apps. Simply download the Casai app and manage all of your Casai’s smart home technology from one place. 

This integrated technology solution is one-of-a-kind. Creating innovative solutions to complex problems is CTO Andrés Páez Martínez’s specialty; something he picked up during his impressive tenures at Google and Amazon. His leadership along with our talented technology team is what made Butler possible.

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How does Butler solve common pain points for tech in hospitality?

Butler was customized for Casai. Every feature that guests can control from their Casai application solves an issue or satisfies a need. Keep reading to see how Butler addresses convenience, security and safety, support and sustainability. 

1/4: Convenience

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Before Butler, each step of the guest experience from booking to departure was handled on separate systems. Guests would book using an online platform, check-in at a desk or through a host, and use separate remote controls to adjust their experience. 

Now, with Butler and through the Casai app, guests can check-in without a key, control smart devices, and browse local recommendations all in one place. The smart devices in each unit includes Google Home, thermostat, lights and TVs (some features not yet available in the BETA version).

Butler makes life easy. Download one app that can do it all. 

2/4: Security and Safety

Tech in Hospitality: Smart Lock2
Tech in Hospitality: Smart Lock1

If guests don’t feel safe and secure when traveling, no amount of amenities will make up for it. Hospitality businesses are constantly innovating on all matters of security to ensure a safe guest experience. 

For example, there are numerous opportunities for a security breach when using physical room keys. Guests could lose their key, which are often marked with identifying information, such as their room number. In an effort to combat this risk, CasaiKey was invented. This feature allows guests to enter their unit using only the Casai app on their smartphone. No physical key needed! 

In the future, Andrés Páez Martínez and his team aim to integrate even more security features, like fingerprint or bluetooth ID door locks.

Touchless tech has also been a health and safety solution during COVID-19. CasaiKey makes touching key-pads or reused plastic cards unnecessary. Keep your hands clean! 

3/4: Support

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Guests expect a direct line of communication for all matters of customer support. Luckily, Butler has integrated Casai’s 24/7 concierge chat feature directly into the app. Guests have unrestricted, easy access to Casai’s dedicated concierge staff for any problem, question, or concern. 

While our concierge support is convenient, fast, and easy, Butler doesn’t just react to guest needs. Butler can proactively troubleshoot problems as well. For example, Butler uses smart routers and internet sensors to monitor WiFi speed. If the speed drops, Butler alerts the IT team at Casai. 

4/4: Sustainability

So far, Butler has focused on app communications. Soon, Butler could also power remote sensors and devices wirelessly. This would reduce our company’s carbon footprint and eliminate our toxic waste from used batteries. 

One of Casai’s five foundational values is to leave the world a better place than we found it. We believe it’s not enough to avoid doing bad but that we should actively do good. Part of this includes a bias toward sustainability. Features like powering devices or replacing them altogether helps us move one step closer to our sustainability goals.

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There are so many advantages to Butler. Guests can download a single app, control their smart devices, and seamlessly seek support. The best part? This is just the beginning. Andrés Páez Martínez and his team plan to expand Butler. Someday Butler may be able to add smart mirrors to its features. The future is full of possibilities. 

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