Introducing Casai Pieces: Unique, Custom-Made Mexican Designs Inside Casai

Casai Pieces are the custom-made Brazilian and Mexican designs we showcase inside our apartments. These unique pieces are local to  the area our apartments are in and are created in collaboration with our head of interior design, Alexa Backal, and local designers from across Mexico and Brazil. Together, they decide on a design piece that is the perfect blend of Casai’s design pillars (functionality, locality, comfort, luxury, and highly-curated design). 


We select local artists who share our values about sustainable design, use local materials, and celebrate traditional Mexican and Brazilian practices. Our approach is always to create beautiful pieces that are authentic to the designers’ brands we work with. The following are examples of our current Casai Pieces selection and the stories behind each of them.

1/5 Coat Rack, & Jacob


This beautiful three-piece coat hanger is as a great example of the &Jacob x Casai collaboration. It was handcrafted using marble, volcanic rock, and wood from three Mexican pueblos. These key materials were used to create everything from lamps, candles, and kitchenware. 


The three distinct spheres represent Casai’s “connecting of the dots” between the traditional and the innovative systems of hospitality. These dots also allude to our ideal of connecting communities through mutual respect and support. 

Find this Casai Piece in these apartments:

Casai Pieces Levy Beautiful Suite Mexican designs
Levy Beautiful Suite
Casai Pieces Kimbomba Stylish apartment Mexican designs
Kimbomba Stylish apartment
Casai Pieces Emilio Boutique Flat Mexican designs
Emilio Boutique Flat

2/5 Netos Casai, M.A.


Design brand M.A.’s purpose is to bridge native Mexican cultures and modern society. It aims to help preserve the ancestral processes of these communities by working alongside artisans to create beautiful handmade pieces.


In this particular Mexican design, M.A. and Casai created a wall rug using horizontal manufacturing practices. The white, black, purple, and golden yellow represent Casai’s brand colors. The singular dot symbolizes our apartments.

Find it in these apartments:

Casai Pieces Luna Stylish Apartment Mexican designs
Luna Stylish Apartment
Casai Pieces Herbert Modern Condo Mexican designs
Herbert Modern Condo
Casai Pieces Papalote Stylish Flat Mexican designs
Papalote Stylish Flat

3/5 Lirio Tray, Balsa


The Lirio tray is a Casai x Balsa piece provides guests with a functional and stylish experience. This Mexican design gives guests a greater in-apartment experience, so they can eat a meal or their favorite snack in bed or on the couch, avoiding any spills or food crumbs. 


Christian Vivanco, a Balsa designer described this Mexican design, “the Lirio tray is the result of an exploration of rattan material and how it can be molded and twisted to take elegant and unique shapes, reminding us of how a lily floats and grows in the lakes of Mexico.

Find it in these Casai apartments:

Casai Pieces Sabines Bright Oasis
Sabines Bright Oasis
Casai Pieces Tinjoroch Sunny Retreat
Tinjoroch Sunny Retreat
Casai Pieces Cañedo Chic Flat
Cañedo Chic Flat

4/5 Charola para dulces, Algo Studio


The candy bowl was created with Monterrey’s Algo Studio and visually represents three of Casai’s design principles: luxury, locality, and highly-curated design. 


This small but mighty design is made from black concrete, pigmented with black, and mixed with natural stones. As the newest Casai Piece in Mexico, it can be found in select apartments. 


5/5 Wall Rug, Studio Ryba


Casai Piece x Studio Ryba

The multi-colored wall rug is the first Casai Piece created in conjunction with Brazilian art studio, Studio Ryba. It’s made from wool yarn and its shapes and colors represent the union and merge of two architectural styles, those of Mexico and Brazil. The parallel lines connect these two countries. The “connecting dots” allude to Casai. 

Find this piece here:

Mendes Marvellous Suite

Our Casai Pieces support Mexican and Brazilian designers and their art, paying homage to their cultural roots. Our goal is to provide guests with an authentic ambience by showcasing the work of local talent. When we source locally, we support the local communities and economies of the places we expand to. 

Book a Casai on your next trip to Mexico City and get the best parts of luxury and locality.