Meet The Faces Behind Our Digital Concierge

Introducing the team behind our 24/7 digital concierge. Our Casai apartments are a home away from home and this is made possible by our dedicated team of guest experience experts. Our digital concierge service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for whichever request or question you might have before and during your stay.


The guest experience team at Casai go above and beyond for our guests, offering local perks, recommendations and on-demand services. Keep reading to learn more about the digital concierge team.

Giovanna - guest experience Team Brazil

Giovanna Lebedenco – Guest Success Manager (Global)

As Guest Success Manager, Giovanna is responsible for defining, developing and executing company-level strategic projects, which are mainly focused on identifying growth opportunities. 


When Giovanna is not overseeing expansion strategy projects, she is envisioning new products and strategies for Casai. As part of her role at Casai, Giovanna has developed and launched a loyalty program and redesigned the end-to-end operating process, ensuring it is ready for expansion. 


Prior to working with the digital concierge team at Casai, Giovanna was a Strategy and Operations Consultant at EY-Parthenon in São Paulo and Product Manager at Digital Marketing Agency, Ativa Resultados. She obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Marketing at the University of Tulsa in 2017.

Fernando is a new member of the guest experience team

Fernando de la Mora – Guest Experience Manager (Mexico)

New to the Guest Experience team is Fernando. He is a luxury hotel enthusiast and has many years experience in customer service, public relations and hotel management and administration. Fernando has developed skills in auditing, hotel processes, and quality assurance throughout his professional journey. 


“My goal is to develop myself in Luxury-Branded management administration to subsequently enter the corporate sphere,” says Fernando.


Prior to Casai, Fernando was a Corporate Quality Assurance Manager at Loops Global, where he was in charge of the formalization, standardization, and restructuring of the processes of the company, both internally and externally. He also created, designed and implemented a standardized manual for the operations, administrative, and commercial management levels.


Fernando has extensive guest relations and quality assurance experience from his time at The St Regis Mexico City and The Westin Santa Fe. He holds a bachelor in Hospitality Administration and Management from Centro de Estudios Superiores de San Ángel.

Estephania in a Casai apartment, Mexico City

Estephania Garcilazo – Guest Experience Coordinator (Mexico)

Estephania Garcilazo started working at Casai in June 2020. Estephania leads the Guest Experience team, who are available to respond immediately to guests’ requests 24 hours a day. 


“I have the opportunity to be a part of the guest’s journey through the interactions they have with our team. This allows us to really get to know the people who choose to stay with Casai and we can learn how to create real and unique experiences for each guest,” she says.



Estephania’s career in guest experience began 10 years ago when she completed her professional practices with Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton. She started her first official job with Gran Hotel Ciudad de México as an online Concierge. Prior to Casai, she worked at Uber for four years, where she was a Team Leader and Greenlight Supervisor. Ever since then, Estephania has focused on guest experience and brought her passion and knowledge with her to Casai. 

Thayná Onisanti - Guest Experience Coordinator

Thayná Onisanti – Guest Experience Coordinator (Brazil)

Thayná Onisanti is responsible for coordinating guest services in Brazil. She has extensive experience in people management, with previous experience working in office management at the startup Yellow and at Itaú Unibanco bank. She was also the executive secretary for the institution’s president. She holds a BA in Psychology from FMU.

Julia from our Digital Concierge team in Brazil

Julia Carvalho – Guest Experience Analyst (Brazil)

As Guest Experience Analyst, Julia is always looking for new ways to improve the guest experience. She has experience working in promotions and partnerships, as well as events, press, media and guest experience. Prior to Casai, Julia worked at Warner Brothers Entertainment as a Marketing Strategist. 



“During college, the classes that helped me discover what I wanted to do as a career were: Consumer Psychology and Digital Relations of Social Network Users. This is why I decided to start a career in an industry that sees consumption as something far beyond the act of buying,” – Julia Carvalho



Julia studied Advertising at PUC-SP and also Digital Marketing at Belas Artes. Recently, she received a Masters in Behavior and Consumer Science at ESPM. 

Lucas Oliver – Guest Experience Supervisor (Brazil)

Lucas has over 10 years of guest experience and has grown his career by working with innovative startups in hospitality and technology an amalgamation of Casai’s concept. As part of his role at Casai, Lucas knows São Paulo and the locations of our apartments incredibly well so that he can provide guests with accurate and useful support. 

Previously Lucas worked for Loggi and We Hostel Design as a Guest Experience Analyst and Operations Manager. He studied Games and Digital Media Design, Event Planning and Management, and Computer Systems Analysis at the United Metropolitan Colleges in São Paulo.

Irvin Vazquez - CX Systems Administrator on our digital concierge team

Irvin Vazquez – Guest Experience Systems Administrator

Irvin has been with Casai since December 2019, starting his journey as part of the Guest Experience team and recently, Irvin became our Guest Experience Systems Administrator. In his previous role, Irvin was responsible for managing guest inquiries and coordinating any extra services requested by guests with Housekeeping and other teams at Casai. 


In his current role, Irvin manages the Zendesk and Guesty platform and fixes any bugs reported by the Guest Experience team. He also runs daily reports for bugs and tests new systems and integrations between these systems. 


Before Casai, Irvin worked with customer service and sales at arrivia, Reliant Energy, and American Express

Laura Méndez - Guest Experience Associate

Laura Méndez – Guest Experience Associate (Mexico)

Laura is part of the digital concierge team and focuses on providing our guests the best experience possible at Casai. She is responsible for assisting guests after check-in, offering local recommendations and answering inquiries through the Guesty and Zendesk platforms. Laura enjoys mentoring and supporting the rest of her team in providing the best customer service to international and national guests. 


Laura also has over 10 years of written and spoken translation and interpretation experience, specializing in medicine and pharmacy, public relations and customer service. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from University of Veracruz. 

Fernanda Cámara - Guest Experience Associate on our digital concierge team

Fernanda Cámara – Guest Experience Associate (Mexico)

Fernanda is also part of the Guest Experience team at Casai and is responsible for assisting guests throughout their entire journey. She responds to any special requests and provides information about the apartments and local recommendations, as well as other responsibilities. 


Before working at Casai, Fernanda worked in customer service at Royal Holiday. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Administration from Universidad Anáhuac México Campus Sur.

Tamara Snaiderman - Guest Experience Associate on our digital concierge team

Tamara Snaiderman – Guest Experience Associate (Mexico)

New to the Guest Experience Team at Casai is Tamara. She helps report on any necessary IT maintenance and confirms with the maintenance team and housekeeping if a unit is available for them to enter, among many other responsibilities. For the past five years, Tamara worked at Walt Disney World as a Cultural Representative in the United States. She has also studied Culinary Arts and Catering Management. 

Noe Castro - Guest Experience Associate - Digital Concierge Team

Noe Castro – Guest Experience Associate (Mexico)


Noe joined Casai in October 2020 and is responsible for assisting the guests during their stay and solving any issues they may encounter efficiently and quickly, along with many other activities. As a Guest Experience Associate, Noe proposes new ideas and has the initiative to develop them with the product team. 


Noe holds a Bachelor of Hotel and Resort Management, specializing in Customer Service from the Technology University of Mexico. Prior to Casai, he worked for three years in customer service for business-focused luxury hotels, such as The St. Regis, and Marriott Reforma, Mexico City.

Isis Rosales - Guest Experience Associate - Digital Concierge Team

Isis Rosales – Guest Experience Associate (Mexico)

Isis has been a part of the Guest Experience Team for over a year now and is also responsible for assisting guests throughout their entire journey. If guests have issues with the Casai Key, Isis reports it and acts on it immediately. As part of her role, Isis also coordinates any extra service requests made through our digital concierge, such as cleaning, with the appropriate team. She is constantly searching for local experiences or partnerships that would enhance the guest’s experience. 


Isis studied Interior Architecture and Atmosphere at the Universidad Latinoamericana.

Mauro Eric Milla Ramírez – Guest Experience Associate (Mexico)

Mauro is also a new addition to the Guest Experience Team. He has joined us from MonoLab, where he was Social Media and Content Manager. Mauro has experience in customer service and merchandising from his time at The Walt Disney World.  He also studied Marketing Management at the Universidad Anáhuac de Oaxaca.

Samuel is a new member of the digital concierge team

Samuel Shemin – Guest Experience Associate (Mexico)

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Samuel has just joined our Guest Experience team. Samuel is outgoing and loves travelling and learning about new cultures. Before Casai, Samuel was a teacher, but most recently an Airbnb host. He learned from this experience that customer service can be challenging but also rewarding once he learned how to be creative, innovative and sincere with his guests. 


“My goal at Casai is to be a valued member of this growing team and help maximize the guest experience.”

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