Get to Know Casai's Data Science Team

Data is a cornerstone of everything we do at Casai. From our pricing strategy down to which furniture is placed inside our units, we use data across every team to tailor the Casai experience to the ever-evolving traveler’s needs. 


We couldn’t do this without the help of our driven data science team. “Casai’s data team is built on an innovative and exploratory spirit. We are always looking for new and creative ways to use data science as a tool to break through old processes and optimize them,” says Data Science Director, Miguel Magos. 


Keep reading below to meet the faces behind the team.

Miguel Magos, Data Science Director at casai

Miguel Magos – Data Science Director

Miguel Magos has over seven years of experience as a Data Scientist. Miguel holds a bachelor’s in mathematics from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. Before working at Casai, Miguel worked as a Data Scientist for Intelimétrica and Walmart. 


As a Data Science Director at Casai, Miguel is responsible for the overall data strategy: overseeing Machine Learning models and data products to ensure a data driven culture.

Ángel Ferreira Casai Data Scientist

Ángel Ferreira – Data Scientist

Ángel Ferreira holds a doctorate in computer science from Centro de Investigación en Computación and over six years of experience working in data and investigation.

Ángel has been working as a data scientist at Casai now for 2 years, where he has worked closely with the Guest Experience and Operations teams to help them gain guest insights, monitor KPIs and develop tools for tracking, automating & optimizing internal processes.


One of our goals as a Data team is to help bring the best out of other teams in the company. We help them streamline their operations and gain insights so that our guests always receive first-class customer support and a top-notch experience when they arrive at their apartment.” -Angel Ferreira

Francisco Antonio Rodríguez García - Data Scientist

Francisco Antonio Rodríguez García  – Data Scientist

Francisco Antonio Rodríguez García is an Electrical Engineer with a passion for Data Science and Machine Learning. Francisco holds a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Universidad Autónima Metropolitana (UAM ) and has over two years of experience working as a data engineer at both Casai and one of Mexico’s leading telecommunications companies, Telcel. 

As a Data Scientist at Casai, Francisco works with the Revenue team to monitor revenue health and Casai’s pricing strategy, design and develop pipelines that ensure proper data acquisition from our web and mobile app products, as well as provide insights to the Marketing and Product teams to improve the guest experience.

Daniela Zamora casai Jr. Data Scientist

Daniela Zamora – Jr. Data Scientist

Daniela Zamora holds a bachelor’s of Applied Mathematics with a specialization in programming, machine learning and data science from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. As a Jr. Data Scientist at Casai, Daniela is responsible for creating daily visualizations and reports for cross-functional teams like Marketing, Guest Experience and Operations. 


“What I love most about my job is having the chance to get an inside look at the different teams within Casai and getting a better understanding of all aspects of the company.” –Daniela Zamora

Daniel Quandt casai Data Scientist

Daniel Quandt – Data Scientist

Daniel Quandt is a Data Scientist and communicator interested in startups and disruptive technologies. He originally graduated from Latin America’s top university with a degree in journalism. Now, he enjoys discovering and communicating data insights for new businesses and technologies. Daniel was one of 150 professionals out of thousands of candidates to be selected by Softbank and Correlation One for the DS4A Latam data science training program 


One of Daniel’s biggest projects at Casai has been creating an automated pricing tool. Through the development of the pricing tool, almost all of our units now have their pricing fully controlled by this tool, allowing for us to better predict trends in pricing. 

Gabriela Moreno González Casai Junior Data Engineer

Gabriela Moreno González – Junior Data Engineer

Gabriela started her career as a software engineer in 2019 after graduating from Escuela Superior de Cómputo, where she studied systems engineering. 


As a Junior Data Engineer at Casai, Gabriela is responsible for data acquisition and data pipelines, running scripts and providing ongoing maintenance to the data servers. By ensuring data is available to all teams via accessible dashboards graphics and statistics , Gabriela’s job has a direct reflection on overall team operations and supports Casai’s data-driven culture.

“I love gathering data because it’s always a new experience. I’m always learning new ways to get data and it’s always exciting to apply new learnings.” – Gabriela Moreno González

José Alberto Valle casai Data Science Intern

José Alberto Valle – Data Science Intern

José Alberto Valle assists the Data team with the pricing tool and processes requests from other teams to ensure a data-based culture across the whole company. With José Alberto’s help, all teams can use data to make decisions, from the growth and real estate team deciding where to launch next, to the Marketing team deciding on their next campaign. 

I really love learning about many new things from all the different teams at Casai. It’s very interesting to deal with new data that needs to answer a wide variety of  questions.” –José Alberto Valle

Isaac Martínez Sanchez casai Data Engineer intern

Isaac Martínez Sanchez – Data Engineer Intern

Isaac Martínez Sanchez studied programming and systems engineering at Instituto Politécnico Nacional. 


As a Data Engineer Intern at Casai, Isaac is responsible for extracting data from external and internal sources and transforming them into digestible formats for the whole Casai team. By creating clean and structured data, this makes it easier for the data science team to interpret the data and make well-informed decisions.

“I enjoy solving problems. When we need to gather or fetch data and it is not that easy, I love thinking about the multiple solutions and figuring out the best approach.” – Isaac Martínez Sanchez

Want to work with one of the most exciting and innovative startups in the hospitality industry in Latin America? Join our Casai Data Science Team! Check out our careers page to see what positions are available.