Mexican Independence Day in Mexico City

Mexican Independence Day is around the corner, coming up on September 15. And this date must be spent in Mexico City.


In Mexico, national holidays are the perfect excuse to celebrate. September 16 is painted green, white and red in every corner of the country, but the capital always goes all out. Parades, exhibitions, parties and special events: you’ll find all this and more as part of the festivities. 


Visiting Mexico during its national holidays is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you can’t miss. So appoint your group for the weekend: These are the plans you can’t miss.

Why celebrate in Mexico City?

In this city, the Trigarante army entered with the victory of the Independence on September 27, 1821, signing the act the following day.


Every September 15, Mexicans take to the streets to celebrate with typical food, street parties and fireworks. The festive atmosphere is felt throughout the city, and the Delegaciones organize celebrations in every neighborhood. 

If this is the first time you celebrate in the capital, the first thing you should know is that the main event happens in the Zócalo Capitalino


Every year, the president goes out to the balcony of the National Palace and gives a shout that announces and celebrates the anniversary of Mexican independence. 

You will see everything around you decorated with the flag’s colors, hundreds of people shouting and celebrating under fireworks. The best mariachi music will set the occasion, and the food stands will bring out their best creations.


Suppose you plan to celebrate the midnight of independence in the Zócalo. In that case, we recommend you to arrive early to secure a good place, and carry water, food and comfortable clothes for all affairs. And, without a doubt, lots of cash!

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Musical Plan: Plaza Garibaldi

Another favorite place for “chilangos” and tourists is Plaza Garibaldi, where mariachi lovers gather to sing, dance and give the Grito in CDMX.


This is one of the most emblematic squares in Mexico City, especially for fans of regional music. Hundreds of people congregate daily to listen to great performances, whether by a trio, a marimba or norteña group. And, during national celebrations, mariachis bring out their best notes to serenade the nation.


Celebrate surrounded by mariachis, delicious food and the most Mexican atmosphere. A plan that never fails.

Do you want to continue enjoying the party atmosphere of CDMX? You have to visit Condesa: A trendy cosmopolitan area with some of the best places to salsa.


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Water Plan: Xochimilco Trajineras

Pre-Hispanic floating gardens and mezcal. What more could we ask for?


The floating gardens of Xochimilco are a unique place in the world that every visitor to the city should add to their list.


This site was declared a World Heritage Site and remains one of our favorite plans for any weekend. Here there are two options: party plan or cultural plan.

If we go for the first one, get your favorite band together and go on the trajinera of your choice (we recommend finding a name you’ll never forget).

If we go for the second, it’s an exclusive five-hour ride in the town of San Gregorio Atlapulco.


To learn about its history, traditions and customs, you will explore authentic chinampas through secret canals. At the end of the tour, enjoy a feast of antojitos and typical drinks: including tlacoyos, tamales, cocoles con crema, café de olla, pulque, mead-, and, above all, mezcal! An excellent option to celebrate Independence Day in Mexico City.

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This beautiful rooftop is located in the heart of the vibrant Juárez neighborhood. This is one of the city’s most dynamic areas, full of an exciting young crowd.


Here you’ll find the Zona Rosa, an LGBTQ+ district of busy streets, sidewalk bars, lively nightclubs, and a thriving Korean immigrant community. Dining options include international fast food, modern eclectic restaurants and Korean restaurants with a home-style feel. We salivate just writing that sentence.


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Even more Mezcales: Rooftops and restaurants

In many restaurants around the city, you’ll find September 15-themed dinners with typical dishes – think chiles en nogada, pozole, tamales and buñuelos.


Some of these dishes, especially chile en nogada, are seasonal flavors unique to Mexico and the patriotic season. If you are visiting during these dates, you must add one of these to your menu (it’s practically a national requirement).


If you decide to do it on the 15th, one of the best plans for you would be a rooftop terrace in the capital. Here, Mexican food will be set with decoration, ambiance and live music. A winning plan at any time of the year.


La Terraza Cha Cha Chá – in front of the monument to the revolution; El Balcón del Zócalo – in the center of the city; and Palmares Azotea – in Roma Norte are some of the favorite options for locals and tourists. Once you decide, call and secure your table! This is one of our favorite plans to enjoy Independence Day.

Maybe you prefer to host your own fiesta in the capital – and there is no better place than Polanco for that. The area is full of delicious restaurants, exclusive wine cellars and food shops with the best ingredients in town.


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Thrill plan: Six Flags' Terror Festival

Something incredible happens in CDMX: Independence Day also inaugurates the Six Flags amusement park’s horror festival.


If you’re a fan of adrenaline, rides, and scares, this may be your dream plan.

Every year, the park sets up special attractions for the date, designed to awaken the greatest terror in guests. Last year, it set up four unique experiences: Hôtel Sinistre, El culto a la Llorona, El Hospicio and Escape Zombie. Can you go through them all before 12 o’clock?


On both September 15 and 16, the amusement park, located in the south of the city, is open normal hours: from 10:00 AM till midnight.

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