The 10 Best Coworking Spots in Mexico City

As businesses continue opening up in Mexico City, is now time to break out of your home office and experience coworking spaces.

In November 2020, more than half a million Americans came to Mexico. Many visitors come to the capital for a change of scenery after a tough period of restrictions.


As the US shares lots of time zones with the country, Americans can continue their working schedule here. Plus, there’s a wide selection of coworking spaces and remote worker-friendly coffee shops.

Even Mexico City’s locals are ready to get out of their home office and go in search of new workspaces. In this post, we round up the top 10 coworking spots in Mexico City backed by digital nomads based in the city.

Digital nomad coworking in a cafe in Mexico City

What is a coworking space?

Coworking spaces are dedicated to those who work online and remotely. Their design takes into account the needs of their guests with the intention of creating inspirational and motivational settings. These are also great networking spots to meet digital nomads and remote working locals.


Generally, a coworking space will have an assortment of tables and ergonomic seating, with an abundance of plug outlets to keep everyone charged. Many also feature private offices, phone booths and presentation rooms. Coffee is usually free (and most importantly unlimited) and some coworking spaces have kitchens where you can refuel.

These spaces are a great opportunity for becoming part of a community, which many remote workers crave. 

Homework Revolución might just have one of the coolest views of all coworking spaces in Mexico City. Inside the space, you can find long tables, well-arranged desks, and comfy sofas. The ideal setting for those who prefer to lounge around while working.


This coworking space is home to a selection of start-ups who usually host parties and events, which you can attend. As a result, here you are surrounded by a lot of young and innovative entrepreneurs to meet and learn from. 


Its central location also means that you step out onto Plaza de Revolución, where you can find an array of family-owned restaurants serving “menus del dia”. Alternatively, Homework has its own restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tasty snacks, on its stunning terrace.

    • Monthly passes for coworking at Homework start from $2,500 MXN. 
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Inspired by digital nomads and freelancers, Coffeefy has created a new concept. This ‘workafe’, (work-space and café) is for remote workers who enjoy comfortable spots without monthly payments.


Order a coffee and stay for as long as you need. Hang out on their comfy sofas or grab a desk. It’s the ultimate place for those who prefer to work from a cafe but have the amenities of a coworking space. 

    • If you need a meeting space or take an important call, for just $50 MXN per person, per hour, you can rent one of their private offices, skype or TV room.

In Condesa, COW is a popular coworking space with a streamlined, minimalist design to avoid distractions. COW attracts a tech-heavy clientele from an impressive spread of tech companies. If you’re from this industry — it’s the perfect space for networking.


The private offices are encircled by plant-filled terraces, creating an urban jungle with natural light spilling in. Take a break in their outdoor games area and challenge someone to a table football match or ping pong.

They are located on Av. Baja California, which is near to a variety of food options and public transport.

    • Monthly passes start from $2,800 MXN, which includes access to meeting rooms and private phone booths.


The Casai Club Lounge is our very own guest lounge, perfectly situated in a beautiful building in the heart of Roma Norte. We offer a lounge area, a bar for complimentary snacks and drinks, and sound-proof phone booths for those who are in calls all day.


The Casai Club Lounge is available – free of charge – to all Casai guests who are Casai Club members.


If you haven’t booked your stay with us, check out our 600+ boutique apartments in the best neighborhoods in Mexico City.

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Another favorite with digital nomads is the specialty coffee shop, Blend Station.


Located in both La Condesa and Roma, this space features long communal tables and outlets next to each seat. They take pride in their variety of Mexican coffee blends — there’s one to suit every individual’s pallet and they also offer a nutritious menu. 


This coffee shop promotes the quality of Mexican coffee beans. They work hand in hand with local coffee producers and support several sustainable projects. However, their pastel colors and practical layout have also become popular with laptop-bearing clients looking for a workspace and strong coffee.

U-Co is a platform featuring co-living spaces in Mexico City, as well as other digital nomad-friendly locations. They have partnered up within destinations such as Isla Holbox and Colombia. Their spaces create the chance to meet and live with new people and enjoy a work-life balance, breaking out of the usual 9-5 routine. Staying with U-Co gives you access to like-minded travelers and the ideal workspace in up-and-coming and safe neighborhoods.


U-Co offers fully furnished shared homes for recently arrived nomads who are looking for a place to set up an office and call home in a new and unfamiliar city. Each of their locations in Mexico City is beautifully designed, with bright, well-lit bedrooms and spacious and trendy areas to cowork. 


In Roma, Dosis Cafe has been approved by digital nomads as a place to work from with its rustic seating arrangements and mighty strong coffee.


It’s a hipster’s paradise with exposed bricks, daily batches of homemade sourdough, avo on toast, matcha affogato and oat milk on offer.

At Dosis, they also have a cultural space where they occasionally host events or rent out for networking activities.  

Público has several coworking spaces strategically dotted around Mexico City, some in La Condesa, Polanco and Juárez. Each space features the most curious and innovative design, which goes outside the box and puts you in it (literally: you can take a call from a raised cubed structure   it’s seriously cool).


Público stands out from the crowd, especially for creatives, with features that you won’t find at any ordinary cowork. For instance, you have access to photoshoot areas with blackout curtains and makeup stations.


They also have international locations and when you become a member, you have access to all the amenities worldwide, really reinforcing that remote lifestyle and opening you up to communities from all around the world.

    • Their monthly passes in Mexico City start from $3,800 MXN.

Balmori has created a rooftop oasis in the middle of Roma, surrounding you with exotic plants and leafy trees.


As soon as you reach the roof garden, it feels like you have stepped into cosmopolitan New York City with soft techno beats vibing in the background. 


This rooftop takes advantage of its height to let you escape from reality and leave your problems below with the traffic and chaotic crowds. It’s the perfect space in Mexico City to cowork in a group, with long tables and mixologists at hand for when it’s time to call it a day. Their menu experiments with national flavors and they encourage you to share many plates between you to get a feel for the range they have on offer.

Lastly, MIA Co-Growing is a coworking space specifically for women in Mexico City.


Designed to create meaningful connections and harmonize personal and professional life. This coworking space offers facilities and services to their female clients to help them be their most productive and efficient in their work. Members can also enjoy a beauty bar, exercise classes (with showers to freshen up after a class), and even events which focus on personal growth. 


Just by entering this Co-Growing space, you can see it’s been created by women for women, with its elegant design and feminine decor. It’s a feel-good space where creative juices flow and where women can thrive and grow together. It’s also located on Plaza de Revolución so the views create an incredible setting for your working day.

    • They offer flexible plans, such as single-day passes, part-time or full-time memberships, starting at $310 MXN per day.
Plaza de Revolución, Mexico City

Now that you know the top 10 places to cowork in Mexico City, are you ready to book your long term stay with Casai? Browse our available units now.

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