The 10 Best Healthy Brunch Spots in Tulum

Imagine that you’re just waking up and getting ready for the day ahead. Do you know where to go for your coffee fix and energy boost? We’ve got you covered! In this post we share with you the 10 best healthy brunch spots in Tulum Town and Tulum Beach. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Tulum takes this concept very seriously with brunches that cater for all kinds of diets and tastes. 


The variety found in this boho town of 46,721 inhabitants, along with 15,000 to 20,000 visitors and residents, is outstanding. As a destination ever-growing in popularity, Tulum has evolved immensely to satisfy the needs of each of us. Vegan, Paleo, Keto, meat and seafood lovers, you name it, there’s a brunch spot for you. Here are our top 10 places for a healthy brunch in Tulum….

Vegan and vegetarian dishes galore! La Hoja Verde is located in the heart of Tulum Town and has a creative brunch menu — full of flavor, variety and extremely nourishing. You’ll find on their menu a combination of cereals, seasonal vegetables, grains, and fruits, which come together to create unique and fresh flavors. 


Their bowls are piled with Vitamin A, C, E and antioxidant rich ingredients, such as Açai and nuts, which have health benefits for your eyes, heart, skin and are a fantastic energy boost. Another popular dish is the beet hummus spread across tostadas and sprinkled with avocado and Gorgonzola cheese or even vegan cheese.


Location: Beta Sur S/N, Tulum Centro, 77780 Tulum, Q.R.

Price: $

2/10: Burrito Amor

Burrito Amor, Brunch in Tulum.

After the owners, Cameron and Paula, of Burrito Amor in Tulum Town, found out that one of their children had severe food allergies, they realised how difficult it still is in Mexico for those who have dietary restrictions. Thus the clean eating concept was born! This idea represents a new level of healthy, fresh and conscious eating that has become extremely popular with those on a Paleo diet and for vegans. 


On their menu they state that they only use 100% extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed organic coconut oil, organic fluoride free sea salt and raw honey. One of our favorite dishes for brunch has got to be an egg burrito but with the coconut tortilla option. And always go large! 


Location: Av. Tulum Mz 05-Lote 03, Tulum Centro, Centro, 77760 Tulum, Q.R.

Price: $

Humo exudes a cool and laid back atmosphere with its bamboo dome structure and Moroccan-style floor cushion seating. For breakfast, why not order one of their fresh juices, which comes in a fish bowl glass. The Passion Pool tastes like a virgin Piña Colada with a gingery kick. 


What would be your ideal brunch scenario? Ours would be all of our favorite breakfast ingredients baked in a giant bread bowl. If this tickles your fancy then order the Nido de Ave and you won’t be disappointed.   


Location: Av. Tulum Mz. 38 Lt. 1, La Veleta, 77760 Tulum, Q.R

Price: $$

Who says you can’t have tacos for breakfast? This is one of the best brunch spots in Aldea Zama — an up and coming sanctuary for visitors and residents of Tulum. 


Safari gets its name from everyone’s dream road trip vehicle — a 1971 Airstream “Safari” trailer. The airstream is parked up in their beach location and they cook up a storm in it. However, Safari has also opened a ‘comedor’ in Aldea Zama. This upscale taqueria is a Tulum favorite. It’s so good it makes you think why haven’t you always had tacos for brunch? 


Keeping it healthy with their freshly pressed natural juices. These vitamin bombs are vibrant and exotic and you can select them by color rather than their contents. 


Location: Calle Itzamna Manzana 26, LOTE 13, Aldea Zama, 77760 Tulum, Q.R.

Price: $$

Tunich is hailed as the best brunch spot in Tulum Beach. Visitors travel far and wide for their breakfast burrito bathed in ranchero sauce, which is certainly worth the hype. It’s one of the best priced breakfast spots on the beach road and this rustic cafe is perfectly nestled in the lush jungle just steps away from the sea.


For the health conscious, you can enjoy their brunch smoothies and bowls all day long. The Mermaid Bowl resembles the shades of the Caribbean Sea with sandy white shavings of coconut atop of eclectic blue spirulina and deep purple blueberries. 


Location: Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila, KM 5.5, 77780 Tulum, Q.R.

Price: $$

This cute bamboo-style cabin with a thatched roof provides visitors or residents a more authentic breakfast menu. They serve great value packages that come with freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee that packs a punch. For those who brunch lightly, you can count on their avocado toast or pastry of the day to fill you up. 


At Hunab Ku, they are playful with their drinks menu, injecting coconut flavors to our usual brunch favorites. For instance the Tulum frappé, which is made from homemade coconut ice cream and a shot of espresso poured over. Similarly the Tulum coffee is an Americano but with a silky coconut cream added as a natural sweetener.


Location: Av Kukulkan Mz 40-Lt 5, La Veleta, 77760 Tulum, Q.R.

Price: $

You know this place is one of the best brunch spots in Tulum when they have this on the menu:


‘Avocado Florentine’ — delicately done with sourdough toasted bread, crushed avocado, 63 degrees poached eggs (sous vide style) and a roasted red pepper sauce.”


Other incredible brunch dishes at DelCielo are their Caribbean oatmeal and omelette filled with fresh sautéed spinach, dried tomatoes, feta cheese and accompanied with salsa roja, guacamole, fresh salad and homemade bread. Their name is a perfect representation of the heavenly dishes they create. 


Location: Satélite Sur 5, Tulum Centro, Centro, 77760 Tulum, Q.R.

Price: $$

Now you can enjoy everyone’s favorite matcha shack in Aldea Zama one of the best places to stay in Tulum. Choose from breakfast bowls, mango tango kombucha and of course matcha lattes. All day you can enjoy super smoothie bowls, healthy shakes and elixir shots —  it’s a fantastic way to start the day. All of their products are plant based and gluten free, made freshy and with a whole lot of love. 


Location: Itzamna, Aldea Zama Mz. 12-Lt. 99, 77760 Tulum, Q.R.

Price: $$

Located one street behind the busy Tulum highway, escape to this tranquil oasis and indulge in the healthiest of brunches. The tartines at Botanica are delicious and are a perfect brunch snack. We also recommend the ‘coconut delight’ — tapioca cooked in coconut cream sat on top of passion fruit with a cardamom reduction. To drink, it has to be the Masala chai which is lightly infused with a sprig of rosemary.


Location: Andromeda Ote Manzana 16-lote 23, Tulum Centro, Col Huracanes, 77760 Tulum, Q.R.

Price: $

If you are looking for a real treat during your stay in Tulum then look no further than Nomade Tulum. The Macondo restaurant at Nomade serves breakfast between 7:30AM and 11:30AM and it’s highly recommended to make a reservation. The menu offers a plant based concept and includes all of our favorite brunch dishes but with a touch of elegance and  sophistication. Take for instance, the simple avocado on toast. At Macondo, this traditional dish is instantly improved with the substitution of burrata cheese. Also there are very few places that have smoked salmon on the menu, so this fact itself makes a trip worthwhile. 


Gather together on the cosy floor cushions and eat along their 20 meter communal dining table, which has been carved from a single sustainably-sourced tree trunk. One other unique feature of Nomade is that it is a cashless hotel so you don’t need to worry about how many pesos you have with you…it can be charged to your card to worry about later! 


Location: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila Km 10.5, Tulum Beach, Zona hotelera, 77880 Tulum, Q.R.

Price: $$$$

Healthy Brunch spots in Tulum

Of course there are so many other brunch options to explore in Tulum, but we have narrowed it down to these 10 who we think pride themselves on serving the freshest and healthiest dishes. 


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