Introducing The Casai Gallery in Mexico City

We are thrilled to announce the official artists inaugurating the Casai Gallery. We have partnered with seven local artists to turn our Casai walls into in-house art galleries. You can now purchase local art and support Mexican artists from the comfort of your Casai.

For more information on how to purchase the art on your wall or if you simply want to reach out to the artist and learn more about the work in your apartment, keep reading for all of their contact information:

Daāch is a textile brand created by Daniela Chiñas

Name of art: “Sin Nombre”

Casai unit(s): Cholula Minimalist Flat

Website: @_daach

Name of art: “Pisadas” & “Movimiento”

Casai unit(s): Lincoln Spacious Getaway & Gandhi Cozy Retreat


Miraflores Roomy Flat

Name of art: “New Black Serie 01”, “New Black Serie 02” & “N03”

Casai unit(s): Miraflores Roomy Flat & Revolution Private Penthouse



Name of art: “Jumex Angles”

Casai unit(s): Juan Vasquez de Mella Lobby


Name of art: “Alga 012”

Casai unit(s): Tambora Executive Condo


Harumi Tanimoto - Mexican-Japanese artist

Name of art: “O’Gorman House”

Casai unit(s): Jacaranda Private Terrace


Name of art: “Rainforest”

Casai unit(s): Palenque Private Oasis


Book one of these Casai apartments in Mexico City today and support local artists without leaving your front door.