6 Tips on the Best Outdoor Summer Decor Trends in 2021

As summer 2021 is well underway, the warm weather inspires many of us to reconsider our outdoor decor. While social distance measures and city restrictions continue to limit the activities we can do outside, this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some fresh air in a cozy, safe, and inspiring environment.


Outdoor decor is relevant now more than ever. A OnePoll survey conducted on 2,000 homeowners discovered participants are spending 14 hours a week in their backyards, as opposed to three hours a week before the Covid-19 pandemic. This means decorating your outdoor space is truly a lifestyle investment.


With this in mind, Alexa Backal, head of our award-winning interior design team at Casai shares her top 2021 outdoor summer decor tips with us.  

Textured wall in an outdoor space

Summer decor trend #1: Add color to your outdoor walls

A big 2021 summer decor trend is including color on your patio or terrace walls. Color has a figurative meaning – it’s meant to keep a positive vibe in the face of uncertain times. 

Inspired by street murals and street art exhibitions, the color palettes you select can differentiate your indoors. 

Our resident interior design superstar says, 

“Ditch the fear of selecting different [outdoor] colors than your indoor colours. [You] can play around with having separate styles or color palettes. It’s easy to change [your wall colors] as often as you want without being too concerned if it combines 100% with your indoor palette.”

For a trendy color combination, she recommends the 2021 Pantone illuminating color.

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Summer decor trend #2: Use rattan and other natural materials

Outdoor hammock made from raw materials

Natural materials like rattan and bejuco help give your outdoor decor more texture and create contrast with typical outdoor materials like metal or concrete. The difference in surface composition makes furniture more appealing and visually attractive.


We see this trend in recent furniture for terraces, balconies, and patios. 

Summer decor trend #3: Combine your indoor and outdoor spaces

Harmonizing your indoor and outdoor spaces

As the pandemic kept us indoors, the quality of our indoor space took center stage.


Alexa’s next summer decor tip is to harmonize indoors and outdoors. Take advantage of the spatial characteristics you have to work with and make your backyard area, such as patios and terraces, more cozy and functional year-round. 


For example, accessories like decorative lighting will make your outdoor space glow and make your summer night hangouts even more charming.  

Summer decor trend #4: Decorate your space with modular and multifunctional furniture

Outdoor space with multifunctional furniture

Furniture is vital for outdoor spaces. It creates a degree of separation between people and things and helps create the overall ambiance.


Alexa says, 

“The use of objects gives us the opportunity to use these areas for different purposes. This is something we have found is very important when enjoying these ‘safe, open-air spaces’ during the pandemic.” 


Think beyond the usual sofas — incorporate stools, poufs, or tables to use as support for your outdoor activities. 


Summer decor trend #5: Think green, green, green

Plants & pots in outdoor space

Incorporating plants into your indoor and outdoor design delivers many health benefits


Adding flowers, greenery, and raising beds is a great way to embellish your outdoors within a small area. You don’t need a big garden to grow herbs or veggies, consider small plants and hanging pots at different heights and forms to give rhythm to your space.

Summer decor trend #6: Don’t forget about ambiance and personality

The biggest outdoor summer decor tip is to add your own/personal touch!


“Create spaces that reflect who you are and where you feel comfortable.”

Do you enjoy vibrant colors or prefer toned-down pastel color schemes? 


Consider adding an outdoor rug to create hygge in your home. Adding throws and cushions is an easy way to splash in your personality and create the ambiance you’re going for. 


Play with design furniture. Mix and match different outdoor textiles and textures, add layers of lighting, and accessories like baskets, bar spaces, and BBQ settings. 

Getting creative doesn’t have to equal a hefty price tag! By following these outdoor decor tips and trends and putting your unique spin on them, you can create a relaxing space.


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