What is Bleisure travel?

Bleisure: where business meets leisure. This term describes the biggest travel trend to come from the work-from-home revolution. 

Maybe you’ve seen the word float around in the past few weeks or months. Perhaps this is your first time. Let us break it down for you. 

A Brief History

Bleisure Travel
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The modern concept of hospitality began with purchasing and developing real estate in the first half of the 20th century. It wasn’t until the 60s, that the industry witnessed its first revolution. The American middle class was growing rapidly and travel started increasing in popularity. During this “Golden Age of hospitality” guests sought out luxury and service, regardless of the higher cost. Hotels like The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai focused on glamour and extravagance, offering a prime location, white-glove concierge service, and luxurious design.

Bleisure Travel
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The 80s ushered in a new hospitality revolution: market segmentation. The growing number of hotel and hospitality chains began cementing their brand, customer base, and product. Thus, the design-led boutique hotel was born. Most of these hotels, like the Hilton chain, offer comfort, convenience, and reliability. The businesses were able to scale rapidly, streamline and simplify reservations and onboarding, and offer consistent quality across locations.

Bleisure Travel
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Finally, in the mid-90s we see the digitalization of hospitality. This movement has exploded the industry, filling hotels more efficiently with online bookings and connecting travelers to more unique travel experiences. The key realization for companies like Expedia and Priceline was that you don’t need to own hotels or brands to sell hotel rooms. Airbnb took this concept even further, simply offering a platform for connecting private property owners and travelers. Companies like Airbnb emphasize community and culture, local design, and experiences. 

Latest Travel Trend: Bleisure


Today we are in the midst of another revolution, the bleisure wave, fueled by new Millennial travel needs. This nomadic generation of travelers is demanding a hospitality experience unlike anything that came before. While culture and experience are still important, so is recreating a “home” environment, workspaces with strong internet connections, and access to the local experience. 

On top of these transforming needs, we recently witnessed a global work-from-home revolution. With the ability to work from anywhere with a WiFi signal, it’s no wonder that bleisure has become the most recent hospitality trend. Why work from your apartment when you can work from the beaches of Mexico or the center of New York? 

What Casai Offers

Bleisure Travel

Guests are seeking new experiences, but want a baseline level of thoughtful design, local flair, and reliability. The goal is for each trip to feel like a seamless extension of their lives. Here is how Casai is defining this new wave. 

1/7: Thoughtful Design

Bleisure Travel

Each Casai is beautifully designed, comfortable, and fully-furnished to make moving in easy. Our apartments are perfect for all stays, whether it’s 1 day or 1 year. 

2/7: Prime Locations

Bleisure Travel

Each Casai is hand-selected based on location. Our units are only in the best neighborhoods in major cities and beaches. You don’t need to do the research because we already have. 

3/7: Tech-enabled Convenience

Bleisure Travel
Bleisure Travel

We’ve built tech into every aspect of our product to make things easy. Simple booking processes, seamless onboarding to the Casai experience, and our 24/7 concierge service are just some of the ways we’ve streamlined our guest experience. 

4/7: Data-driven Personalization

Bleisure Travel

Our powerful data engine captures guest preferences to personalize and optimize their experience.

5/7: Safety and Security

Tech in Hospitality: Smart Lock1

When you stay with Casai you get 24/7 security, touchfree entry, and deep cleaning. Rest easy and leave the details to us. 

6/7: Built for Bleisure

Bleisure Travel

We’ve optimized our product for both work and leisure. Each unit has fast WiFi, comfortable workstations, and locally-sourced amenities, so you can work-from-home no matter where you are. 

7/7: Explore from Indoors

Bleisure Travel

We work with local artisans and designers to create spaces that reflect the neighborhoods they’re in. From the interior furnishings to the amenities, we seek out opportunities to partner with local producers and artists. Get the local experience from the comfort of your Casai.

The future depends on how technology and new hospitality concepts will solve common travel pain points. At Casai, we are committed to our guest’s experience. With the lines between business, life and travel blurring together, we are ready to provide an exceptional solution. Data shows our generation seeks more meaningful experiences than ever before and we want to make a positive impact on the world.

bleisure terrace in Juárez Mexico City
Tamarindo PH Suite, Juárez, Mexico City
casai apartment in polanco mexico city
Clarín Chic Studio, Polanco, Mexico City
casai apartment in roma norte mexico city
Cuevas Stylish Retreat, Roma Norte, Mexico City

Ready to test out Casai for yourself? Check out our available units so you can join the work-from-home revolution.