What is Casai?

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter hotel rooms and the gamble of unreliable short-term rentals. Casai was designed for the nomadic generation; merging the design and comforts of a boutique hotel with the technology of a San Francisco home and the local ambiance of a vacation rental. 

Beautiful design, technology, and cultural sustainability are at the forefront of what we do. Each Casai is uniquely crafted to reflect the neighborhoods they’re in, and still, we guarantee each stay — from São Paulo to Mexico City — will meet Casai’s core standards.

How we do it:

 Step 1: We select beautiful apartments
in the best neighborhoods in LatAm

Casai apartment with terrace in Polanco Mexico CIty

Our team of real estate experts hand-pick apartments that meet Casai’s standards in architecture and walkability scores. All of our apartments are well-situated in business hubs (for the business traveler) and stylish neighborhoods (for those who want a locally-immersive experience).

As our real estate lead in Mexico City Andres Mendoza says, We are responsible for providing the canvas where the Casai experience is created.”

Step 2: We custom-design spaces
that tell local stories

Casai apartment with terrace in Polanco Mexico CIty

To us, home is more than a physical space with familiar comfort; it’s that feeling of community integration and connection to those around you.

This is why all of the design pieces featured in our spaces tell the stories of the communities we’re in. Look for the stories in the art on your wall and take note of the traditional design techniques that have been passed down through generations. We want you to experience these local stories without leaving your front door.  

Step 3: We outfit each apartment
with smart home technology

Casai apartment with terrace in Polanco Mexico CIty

Our foundation is at the intersection of technology and guest-obsession. That’s why we’re proud to offer smart spaces that pair with our sophisticated app to enhance the hospitality experience.

Each Casai is equipped with smart TVs, Chromecasts, high-speed WiFi and Google Home devices. We encourage guests to sync their Casai app to their apartment’s technology for the full experience.

Step 4: Finally, we welcome you home! 

Enjoy the comforts of 5-star accommodation while staying in the heart of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods. Whether you’re traveling for work, vacation, or sticking around for a while, our dedicated team of customer experience experts are here to make your stay as seamless and memorable as possible.

Each space has been professionally deep-cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival, so you can rest assured knowing everything’s been taken care of.

At Casai, we strive to create a lodging experience that is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Local delights, environmental sustainability, the latest technology and top-notch customer service are just the beginning. Book your stay to experience the future of hospitality first-hand. We’d love to have you. 

Casai is currently based in Mexico, with around 200 apartments in Mexico City, but you can look forward to staying with us in other Latin American business hubs in the new year. Subscribe to the Casai blog and follow us on Instagram to stay connected and be the first to experience a Casai near you.