What to do in Florianópolis: An insider's Guide

Florianopolis is fondly called “Floripa” by most of its residents and visitors. A feeling we can relate to since the island enchants every visitor. Possibilities here are wide and varied. “What to do in Florianópolis” is a big question every guest can answer differently. 


Also known as “Ilha da Magia” (Island of Magic), the city’s charm is present in its stunning beaches and lively nature. It perfectly combines the pleasant tranquility of the ocean breeze with a flashy, vibrant nightlife. 


If you’re looking to explore an enchanting port, look no further than Floripa. Here’s the complete guide on where to eat, where to stay, and what to do in Florianopolis.

The best neighborhoods to stay in Florianópolis

Downtown Florianopolis

Downtown Floripa is one of the most convenient options for travelers: you’ll be close to everything you need, with easy access to the beaches on the northern and southern sides of the island. The neighborhood offers excellent shopping centers, bars, restaurants, and many museums to visit (keep reading for our tips on the best museums in town).

Ponte Hercílio Luz Florianópolis

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This cozy, sophisticated space is in one of the most modern condos in Florianópolis. You will be only a short 5-minute walk from the Beira-mar shopping center. If you want to explore close to home, the building has a private swimming pool, gym, sports bar, and even an attached food court with an excellent restaurant in the penthouse.


If you’re looking for vibrant nightlife, restaurants, services, and the trendiest beaches, Jurerê is the neighborhood for you.

It is considered one of the safest and most luxurious areas in the entire city, with plenty of activities to do during your stay in Florianópolis.


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This 2 bedroom apartment is meters away from the Jurerê sea. It is fully equipped for the most comfortable stay, with Google Home, air conditioning, a Smart TV with Netflix and Chromecast, as well as a complete kitchen and dinner.

What to do in Florianópolis?

The island is known for its stunning natural areas and significant cultural offer. And it is also known for its fantastic nightlife. What to do in Florianópolis will be up to the traveler, and we’re sure every visitor will find something to enjoy.

Here’s a list of the top places to visit in Floripa:


The best beaches in Florianópolis

Praia dos Ingleses

Located in one of the most populated districts of the island, has warm blue waters and a large stretch of sand. It’s a highly frequented beach since – besides its beauty- it is easily accessible for visitors staying downtown.


Campeche beach 

A favorite among surfers. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and many interesting shops and services.

Campeche is the beach for wave lovers. Photo: Cassiano Psomas

Praia Mole Beach 

Another great pick if you’re looking for a beach close to Downtown Florianópolis. It gets its name (Fluffy Beach) thanks to its pillowy sand. It is so fluffy that it will make your feet pleasantly sink while you walk.


Campeche Island 

A chill paradise with clear and calm (yet cold) waters, surrounded by green nature and cute Coatis.

Other attractions in Florianópolis

When looking for what to do in Florianópolis, often the beach is our first guess. But there are many wonderful trails, museums, and even dunes to explore.


The Dunas da Praia da Joaquina are considered some of the most beautiful in Brazil. On rainless days, you can even enjoy Sandboarding. If you don’t have a board on hand, you can rent one during your visit.


You can also enjoy a bike ride along the Beira-mar Norte path, and pedal alongside incredible views like this one:

Must-see museums in Florianópolis

Fans of cultural tours will fall in love with Florianópolis and its many fascinating museums; most of which are located downtown.


Santa Catarina Historical Museum

This fan-favorite is housed in the Palácio Cruz e Souza: a historic building with beautiful gardens. Its architecture stands out in the center of Florianópolis. You can visit from Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

The museum closes a little earlier on Saturdays and Sundays, at 4 pm.


The Sambaqui Man

Located on the top floor of a 100-year-old building. It houses one of the most significant archaeological collections in the whole country! With over 5,000 pieces that range from preserved animals to archaeological reports over 8,000 years old. If you’re interested in this museum, you need to book your visit in advance. Call the number: (48) 3251-1516.

The best restaurants and bars in Florianópolis

O Timoneiro

One of the most renowned restaurants in Floripa. If you visit O Timoneiro, you can enjoy its famous breaded shrimp in coconut and pineapple, surrounded by nature while enjoying live music.

Vadinho’s Bar

For those looking to try authentic beach cuisine, Vadinho’s Bar is ideal. With fast service and a long menu of delicious dishes, it’s worth the waitlist, which usually crowds around the restaurant.


Sabor da Costa

Located in Costa da Lagoa, is a paradise for fans of seafood and fresh fish baked in firewood. Sabor da Costa is also known for its excellent wine list and beautiful views. The restaurant also offers vegan options.

Lagoa Azul

Another spot that offers a wide list of tasty dishes in the middle of nature. In Lagoa Azul, you can enjoy its stunning views while eating crispy pink shrimp: a novelty on the menu.


Where to enjoy Florianópolis’ nightlife

Jurerê Internacional 

Jurerê Internacional is the first name that comes to mind when we think of the island’s vibrant nightlife. Still, there are many other options spread over the city.


Cervejaria Devassa

This is a popular place to go if you’re staying in the downtown area. You can enjoy live music, tasty snacks, and even Cervejaria Devassa’s craft beer.


Quintal de Casa 

Located on Campeche Beach, this is an excellent option for those traveling with children. It has a children’s area for the little ones and offers music and dance shows for the older crowds, as well as art exhibitions, food trucks, and food bikes with diverse cuisine. In Quintal de Casa you can choose between a Thai, Arabic, and Minas Gerais menu or go for the classic pizza, hamburger, and, of course, lots of beer.

The Black Swan bar

Those who appreciate a good English pub will fall in love with this bar. Located in Lagoa da Conceição, the Black Swan bar is reminiscent of traditional English pubs. Enjoy live music on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and Jazz shows on Mondays.


What’s the weather like in Florianópolis?

Knowing what the weather’s like on the island can help you decide the best time to visit and what to pack for your stay.

The seasons in Florianópolis are very well defined: you will feel a big difference if you visit during the winter or summertime.


Summer in Florianópolis

In the summertime (January to March), temperatures easily reach above 30 degrees Celsius. But don’t worry, there are plenty of summer storms to help you cool off. The rain doesn’t last long, so you can still enjoy the beach.


Autumn in Florianópolis

Autumn (April to June) is a great option if you don’t like extreme temperatures. We’d recommend packing layers though since the temperature tends to fluctuate at this time of the year: warm afternoons, mild mornings, and cool evenings.


Winter in Florianópolis

Don’t like the cold? Avoid the winter season (July to September), which can be as low as 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. However, winter is a much drier season than spring and summer so you can enjoy clear blue skies.


Spring in Florianópolis

Springtime in Florpia (October to December) is a beautifully green season, but it is the rainiest of the year, especially from September through November.

With these tips in mind, Florianópolis will enchant you during any season of the year. Photo: Cassiano Psomas

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