A Complete Guide About What To Do In Jardins, São Paulo

People tend to say that São Paulo is a gray city, but those who have had the chance to explore the neighborhood, Jardins, know this is not true. This district is composed of four different areas. The name “Jardins” is much more than just a name; it means “Gardens” in Portuguese, and you’ll see why. With its tree-lined streets and many green areas, Jardins is indeed a garden in the middle of São Paulo — a mighty metropolis with 12 million people coming from all corners of the world. Enjoy the best attractions in Jardins with our complete guide.  

Why is Jardins a garden in the middle of São Paulo?


The neighborhood of Jardins was developed based on the concept of a garden city. This urban development project prioritizes the construction of green spaces around buildings to create a balance between city and countryside life.


As a result, you’ll find a pleasant environment with fantastic amenities and a high quality of life. Jardins is composed of four neighborhoods: Jardim Paulista, Jardim Paulistano, Jardim América, and Jardim Europa. Each one of them is known for its unique characteristics and, together, they form one of the best areas to live and explore in São Paulo.


Jardim América


Jardim América is the oldest of the four Jardins and has many distinctive residents, from politicians to celebrities, all living in villas. This neighborhood is all about luxury and exclusivity, bordered by Nove de Julho, Rebouças Avenues and also Estados Unidos Street.


Jardim Europa


On Jardim Europa, you can find one of the most important financial centers of Brazil, the Faria Lima Avenue with its sophisticated skyscrapers. Take a moment to explore the excellent museums or just stumble around the world map of streets, as they are all named after European countries.


Jardim Paulistano


Here is where you’ll find international luxury brands such as Versace, Chanel, and Gucci. Its most important streets are Faria Lima and Rebouças Avenues, but also Marginal Pinheiros — a highway that connects different parts of the city along the Pinheiros River.


Jardim Paulista


This is a top choice in São Paulo for both those spending just a few days in the city and for those who are looking for a good place to live. It has a privileged location, near the main avenues, such as Brasil, Nove de Julho, Ibirapuera, and Paulista Avenue. By the way, this last one is among the most famous touristic spots in São Paulo.

Photo: Lucas Moluscos

Where to eat in Jardins

Service hours may vary due to the pandemic. Please always follow the guidelines provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Let’s start this guide with one of the top attractions in São Paulo: its large variety of restaurants, bars, and markets. You’ll definitely find an option that suits you for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Check our tips with the best places to eat in Jardins. 


Botanikafé Jardins is the perfect place for breakfast and lunch. Designed to create a sense of calmness in the middle of a green space, this cafe maintains the tradition of serving a home cooked meal. For meat lovers, the perfect lunch spot would be on Corrientes 348, an Argentinian steakhouse well known for its sophisticated meat dishes and wine menu.


For dinner, follow one of the most common traditions in São Paulo and go for sushi. Seen Restaurante e Bar is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in the city, offering spectacular views from the 23rd floor of the Tivoli Mofarrej building.


If sushi is not your thing, what about Mediterranean food? Jardins has many options available, from a traditional Italian pizza in a family-owned restaurant, such as Pizzaria Veridiana, to the impressive menu of the Michelin-starred Restaurante Gero, and the contemporary cuisine from Da Marino Ristorante.

A more relaxing option would be Brown Sugar Restaurante, always surprising its clients with exotic cocktails and a menu that appeals to all tastes.


What to do in Jardins – Museums


São Paulo is one of the most artistic cities in Brazil with renowned museums and art galleries in the Jardins neighborhood. Start your cultural tour at the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP). Get inspired by its vast collection which includes pieces from the 4th century b.C up to the 21st century. However, the most photographed attraction is the building itself. The red-colored modern facade is a traditional symbol of São Paulo and a very common image on post cards.


Keep walking along Paulista Avenue until you find Casa das Rosas, a French colonial-style villa located in one of the busiest places in the city. Enjoy a play or a literary event in this historic house, an interesting contrast with all the modern skyscrapers around.


If you want to experience life beyond Paulista Avenue, we suggest extending your tour to Jardim Europa. Appreciate the tranquility of the green garden inside Casa-Museu Ema Klabin, but take some time to explore its art as well. It includes Brazilian paintings from the Baroque period to Modernism.


Less than five minutes away from this historic museum, you’ll find the futuristic architecture of São Paulo Image and Sound Museum (MIS). This is the place for the ones passionate about contemporary art and photography, but also for those aiming to understand more about São Paulo’s famous street art scene. 

Photo: Morio BY CC 3.0

What to do in Jardins – Parks


In the garden area of São Paulo, outdoor options are always a must-see. In Paulista Avenue, near MASP, you can find Trianon Park, a green oasis in the heart of the city.  


Make sure to include the internationally known Ibirapuera Park in your itinerary. This is one of the most visited places in São Paulo, loved both by tourists and locals alike. This 390 acres-park has sports fields, auditoriums for events, a lake, cycling roads, museums, and even renowned restaurants. A park that has everything and offers a unique outdoor experience inside a metropolis. 


If you want to avoid the crowds during the weekend, our tip is to go for a cycling tour around the calm tree-lined streets of Jardim Europa. There are many bike-sharing places across the city where you can rent your bike from.


Where to go shopping in Jardins 

Service hours may vary due to the pandemic. Please always follow the guidelines provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Did you know that Jardins is home to the first mall ever developed in Brazil? Shopping Iguatemi was opened in 1966 and it’s still one of the trendiest fashion spots in São Paulo, offering unique experiences to its visitors. Get ready to walk around the most well-known luxury brands in the world.


How to get around in Jardins


Jardim Paulista has good options to get around. Cycling is a great choice, especially on Sundays when Paulista Avenue is open for pedestrians and bikes only. The neighborhood also includes the subway’s green line (or line 2), with stations such as Trianon-MASP, Brigadeiro, and Consolação crossing over Paulista Avenue. Transportation apps are one of the most practical choices since it’s a comfortable and fast way to move around in Jardins.

Photo: Sérgio Valle Duarte BY CC 3.0

Where to stay in Jardins


Ready to explore this amazing neighborhood of São Paulo? Check Casai’s recommendations for the perfect stay in Jardins.

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