What’s trending in travel this holiday season

This year has presented more challenges and opportunities for growth than any other year in recent history. Now, nine months into this global pandemic, Casai’s data team has identified travel trends in a Covid world. Understanding what our customers desire has been the key to keeping our occupancy rates high. Keep reading to see how consumer trends are evolving this holiday season and how our industry can adapt to the changing demands.

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The number of domestic flights in Mexico have recovered to pre-covid levels. Though ridership is down about 50% compared to this time last year, if you are planning a trip home for the holidays, there will be plenty of flights available. 


Though we see international guest bookings on the rise this month, we have noticed increasing reservations from domestic travelers throughout the year. We suspect this is due to the many Mexicans who’ve returned home from abroad or moved closer to family under this year’s circumstances. 


Casai offers a home-away-from-home. A cozy space to stay while waiting out the uncertain future or a clean, safe place to live without compromising family members. Casai’s ability to capture this domestic demand has rebounded our occupancy rates to pre-covid levels.

Casai luxury apartments for travelers in polanco, mexico city

The average length of stay has increased from 3.7 days (pre-covid) to 5.2 days (currently). Domestic and international travelers alike are spending more time with us during their stays. 


Whether it’s due to work-from-home flexibility or higher demand for stay-cations, we’re seeing trends towards lengthier trips. Casai furnishes each space with every type of guest in mind, whether you’re staying for one week or one year. Tech-enabled home office set-ups, kitchenware for cooking meals, and 24/7 concierge access are just some of the touches that make our units ideal for long trips.

If it wasn’t a make-or-break amenity before, it certainly is now. In 2019, only about 7% of Americans had the option of working from home (WEF). Now, in just under a year, that number has skyrocketed. 


High-speed WiFi is the single most important feature in transforming an apartment into an office. In an increasingly global and connected world, people are finding innovative ways to do their jobs, no matter where they are. Guests are working for weeks at a time in a new home, which requires strong WiFi, a work set-up, keyless check-in, the latest smart home tech. Casai tech-enables each unit to make sure your home office needs are covered.

Casai fully equipped kitchen in polanco mexico city

According to a recent Casai survey of Airbnb guests in Mexico, we’ve found that 20% of respondents value open-air, spacious apartments, 17.5% appreciate outdoor spaces, and even 3% look for plants! With so many options for accommodations, the details matter. 

These trends indicate that guests appreciate and actively hunt for homely amenities like good coffee machines, large windows with natural light, and kitchenware. Each Casai apartment is designed to feel like home. Select units have Nespresso machines, personal outdoor spaces, bike rentals, and more.

This month, bookings have been made, on average, 21 days in advance, compared to just 7 days last month and 17 days last December. Casai guests are booking their end-of-year stays with more notice than in previous months and years. 

As a result, guests are seeking options with flexible cancellation policies. Casai offers a full-refund up until 72 hours before check-in, giving guests the ability to change travel plans no matter the circumstances. 


This year has tested the travel industry, forcing it to adapt on a weekly, even daily basis. 

People have not stopped traveling, they are simply looking for different things: longer stays, home-offices, high-speed WiFi, and the at-home feeling. Now, with the ability to work from home, travel can become a lifestyle instead of a special occasion. 


As we find ourselves in the midst of this year’s holiday season, make sure your team looks at what’s trending. As the market adapts, make sure your business does, too!


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