Why Are Americans Moving to Mexico in 2022?

So, why are so many Americans moving to Mexico? The country is no stranger to international tourism. In fact, Mexico closed 2021 with 31 million tourists – a 28.1 percent increase over 2020’s. Of these visitors, United States citizens represent over 70%. And from all the alluring cities to discover, the two airports with the most international visitors were Cancun and Mexico City, both gateway cities to some of Mexico’s top destinations. 


The US State Department believes that 1.5M Americans live south of the border, making them the largest group of immigrants in Mexico. What makes this country such an enticing option?  In this post, we look at some of the reasons why Mexico is attracting its neighbors to journey south, and why maybe you should it give it a go yourself.

Americans are moving to Mexico because of remote work and fast Wifi

Remote work and strong WiFi

The abrupt closure of offices and workplaces in the United States last year marked the dawn of a new era. Millions of Americans went remote, adapting to a digital way of life. A 2021 social trends report by Pew Research, claims that four-in-ten employed U.S adults say that the majority of their work can be done from home. And, most importantly, many would like to continue working remotely.


As long as you have a strong WiFi connection, why not move to a new country? Mexico City has an average download speed of 20 Mbps and an abundance of cafes and coworking spaces. Digital nomads: look no further. Casai’s smart-home technology apartments have some of the fastest wifi speeds you’ll see in Mexico City, reaching beyond the 140 Mbps mark (we can hear your jaws dropping from here)! Moving to Mexico can be real easy. Each of our apartments has been beautifully styled with local, artisanal designs, and with natural light to get your creative juices flowing whenever you’re working from home. 


Cell phone service is usually great across Mexico, with 3G and 4G widely accessible. Many U.S carriers now include wireless coverage in Mexico, so you might not even need to change your data plan.

Tulum Getaways by Casai

Time zone and proximity

Another reason why so many Americans are moving to Mexico in this digital era is because of the similar time zones. There’s no need to stay up or wake up bleary eyed for a 3 AM work zoom call, like you would if you chose to live in Europe instead. In Mexico, Americans can continue to work with their stateside colleagues following the same schedule. 


It also makes it easier for them to keep in touch with their family and friends in real-time. The proximity to the U.S and the number of low-cost flights traveling to and from means they can visit easily, and even invite their loved ones to see what they’ve been missing.


Casai Getaways are the ideal option for a family vacation. Will you choose the Pacific or Caribbean coast? Or maybe even go for the heart of the jungle? Casai offers a selection of boutique villas and penthouses in exceptional beach destinations and deep within nature.

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Cost of living

The average cost of living for a single adult in Mexico City is around 1500 US dollars. This grants some digital nomads the possibility to live securely, comfortably and responsibly in different neighborhoods around the capital. Many local markets, businesses, and shop owners greatly benefit from a newfound loyal consumer base. And with an ample budget, we can be mindful of the brands we consume, prioritizing ethical producers and local initiatives.


This is something we promote in Casai, as we often work with local artists, creators and designers. With uniquely made local touches, we can help our guests in diving deeply into the culture, even without leaving their homes.


Aside from this, many enjoyable experiences can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Strolling along the Chapultepec park, riding a bike around Reforma, or catching street performers around El Ángel de la Independencia. With a thoughtful approach to your travel experience, you can discover the unique warmth of Mexico and leave a little piece of yourself in return.

Girl playing in the waves at Tulum, Mexico


It’s no secret Mexico has one of the best climates in the northern hemisphere. The country revels in sunshine and pleasant temperatures all year round. Summertime brings thunderous storms that relieve us from the springtime heat. As fall immerges, cool temperatures allow us to wear jeans and a light jacket again. And for the winter, let’s just say there’s a slim chance of a white Christmas. 


Mexico City is a great option to move to, as the climate is usually comfortable year-round and there are lots of activities to suit each season. If you’re planning on going further down, the best time to venture to Tulum is after the summer storms, from October onwards – when humidity drops and the Caribbean Sea is less like a warm bath!  

Mexican cuisine is usually a reason why people are moving to Mexico


Mexico is a country with rich culinary history, and food is an essential part of Mexican culture and tradition. Many ingredients and methods of cooking come from the Maya and Aztec cultures, such as cacao, chilies, and tomatoes. 


Maíz (or corn) is a native Mexican crop and there are over 60 varieties grown in the country. Its presence is found in almost all Mexican dishes. In fact, 300 million corn tortillas are consumed by Mexicans each day!  It’s not hard to believe this when you can’t think of an occasion where a tortilla didn’t join your meal, even with pasta! 


And if we’re thinking worldly cuisines, Mexico City is a gastronomy haven. Here you can witness the sheer variety of Mexican cuisine and the range of culinary skills. And, this is really important: don’t skip eating in the street. It’s where you’ll find the juiciest, meatiest tacos for the best price. On the other scale, roam the tree-lined avenues of Roma, Polanco, and La Condesa and you can experience exquisite restaurants, led by world-renowned chefs.

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