Why You Should Celebrate Pride in Mexico City in 2021...

Pride month has arrived and where better to celebrate it than in Latin America’s best gay destination, Mexico. The first federal district in Mexico to legalize gay marriage was in fact Mexico City in 2009. Making the capital a pioneer in the supporting of LGBTQ+ rights in Latin America. Since then, Mexico City has blossomed into an eccentric hub of sexual diversity and known as the “gay capital” of Latin America. In this post we will share with you the best gay neighborhoods, bars and parties in Mexico City. Above all, how to celebrate Pride in Mexico City.


Current COVID-19 status in Mexico City

Currently, Mexico City continues to be in “semáforo amarillo”  —  a system used in Mexico to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Although, the Mayor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, thinks that “semáforo verde” is very likely this month. Even though Mexico City remains in “yellow”, flexibility was slowly introduced last week to ease the population into a “green” traffic light for next week. For instance, restaurants are now able to stay open until 11pm, with up to six people per table seated inside. If outside, they can close at midnight and have up to eight people per table.

Open air dining overlooking Plaza de Revolucion, Mexico City
Alux Jungle Flat, Tulum

From June 15, you can enjoy concerts once again! Albeit, slightly differently but perhaps more intimately. You can share a private box with seven of your friends if attending a concert indoors. For outdoor venues, the maximum capacity will be 25%. Of course, face masks will still be required. Clubs, bars and canteens are open, following the same requirements as restaurants but are due to return back to normal activities in just a few months. We will be able to dance together again soon! But in the meantime, let’s enjoy the activities available safely.


How to celebrate Pride 2021 in Mexico City

Even though the main event of Pride in Mexico City has been cancelled for the consecutive year, the annual Marcha del Orgullo LGBT de la Ciudad de México will still go on….line! There will be a live broadcast of the 42nd LGBTQ+ Pride March on Saturday June 26 on the Youtube channel: ‘Marcha LGBTI CDMX’. You can enjoy up to 10 hours of live content, presented by famous stars, musicians and personalities who all celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community and represent sexuality and gender diversity. 

How to celebrate Pride in Mexico City in 201

The Pride march in Mexico City is the biggest in Latin America with usually over one million annual participants. The march is essentially a peaceful and vibrant protest to create awareness of LGBTQ+ equality in general and also portray more specific messages. 


This year the digital march will support the extremely important matter of ending violence and hate crimes towards people because of their sexual orientation, identity or gender expression. It will also put pressure on the Mexico City Congress to approve a regulation that would recognize the identity of trans in children. “It is to remind the congress of their duty to build a society where no one is left behind and where there is room for everyone.” —  Marcha del Orgullo LGBT de la Ciudad de México Facebook group

Must-see events this Pride in Mexico City:

Now showing at the José María Velasco Gallery in Peralvillo is the photography exhibition: ‘Reinas en Disputa’. This series of photos captured by 10 distinct photographers celebrates and captures trans women in Mexico. These images celebrate sexual diversity and portray how these women are faithful to their identity, despite the criticism that still exists against them. The gallery is also holding talks focusing on topics such as the recognition of equal rights, public health, literature and poetry. It is free to attend and on until June 27.


Why not visit Benito Juárez Theatre in Cuauhtémoc to view the intriguing play: ‘Novo en un Clóset de Cristal Cortado’. Opening on June 17 until June 27, this play revives Mexican writer, Salvador Novo, as a person proud of his sexual orientation. We won’t give the plot away but it recounts significant moments in the history of this enigmatic writer, who was a sensitive yet flirtatious man in his time. 

Zona Rosa - the best gay neighborhood in Mexico City

Gay scene in Mexico City

Translated into English, Zona Rosa means “pink zone” and it is Mexico City’s most famous gay district. It is technically part of Colonia Juárez, which is west of the historic center. The epicentre of LGBTQ+ culture in this area is Calle Amberes. Here you will find an array of gay clubs, bars and restaurants offering a fusion of hedonistic nightlife, over-the-top glitter parties, and chic cocktail bars. With a gay nightlife scene as fabulous as this, it’s worth experiencing some of the LGBTQ+ venues in Zona Rosa while you visit Mexico City. 


If these venues in Zona Rosa aren’t for you, then you have a never-ending selection of other establishments to enjoy across the city. Many gay people in Mexico City don’t feel it necessary to segregate themselves and hang out in many other neighborhoods. For example, in Roma and Condesa you will find a more low-key gay scene with gay friendly bars and events.

Gay scene in Mexico City
Gay pride in Mexico City

LGBTQ+ venues in Mexico City:

Here are our favorite LGBTQ+ venues and gay friendly bars in Mexico City where you can celebrate Pride this year.

  • Pacífico, Juárez: Proudly flying a rainbow flag outside, this cafe meets plant shop has become a new LGBTQ+ hotspot in Zona Rosa. Wednesdays seem to be the most popular day for it’s extended opening hours until 10pm and promotion of three large beers for MX$50. The owners also throw parties to watch drag reality competition show, ‘La Más Draga.’ Soon they will be showing LGBT films, with the idea of creating a movie club where people can come and debate topics and critique movies. 
  • Eucalipto 20, Colonia Santa María la Ribera:  This cultural center is located in a large house that dates back from 1903. In the past it was the headquarters of the Homosexual Front for Revolutionary Action, the first group to defend LGBTQ+ rights in Mexico back in 1978.  Led by Salvador Irys (director of the International Festival for Sexual Diversity), cultural promoter, Salvador Peña and plastic artist, Fernando Osorno. Together they have plastered the walls with photographs and paintings of LGBTQ+ art. The space hosts workshops, cabaret shows and events, such as homoerotic photography and short films. It’s worth checking out to see what’s going on throughout Pride month. 
  • Kinky Bar, Zona Rosa: Located in the heart of the LGBTQ+ community, this high-end bar has three floors, each one offering a variety of entertainment. On the first floor you can find ‘La Chipocluda Neo-Cantina’ where you can get something to eat. Up on the second floor, show off your musical skills at ‘La Carpita Karaoke’. Last but not least, on the third floor, enjoy views of the Paseo de la Reform from their ‘Gran Terraza’.
  • Cabarétito Fusión – This fabulous gay club in Zona Rosa has recently won the award for ‘Best Nightlife’, voted by Premios del Orgullo Gay México. Here you will find a selection of drag, comedy and catchy dance music. The club continues to host nightly drag shows, taking all the precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19. We recommend checking their Facebook for events during Pride month.

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