World Tourism Day: Rethinking The Way We Travel

Every year the United Nations World Trade Organization (UNWTO) celebrates World Tourism Day by raising awareness of issues within the tourism industry that largely influence people around the world. This year, the chosen theme is rethinking the way we travel – highlighting the shift toward recognizing tourism as a crucial development pillar. 


In honor of this day, we want to highlight Casai’s dedication to promoting inclusivity and sustainable tourism. Our company-wide initiatives, which we will detail below, serve to uphold the principles of this year’s celebrations. 

What is world tourism day?

World Tourism Day is an international observance day celebrated each year on September 27th. It was established by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 1980 as a way to promote the importance of tourism and its impact on society. The UNWTO promotes responsible, sustainable, and accessible tourism for everyone. It works with countries to make tourism a tool that can benefit their societies on a social, cultural, political, and economic level.


The Covid-19 pandemic momentarily brought tourism to a halt and the most vulnerable communities felt the biggest negative impacts. It’s estimated that 32 million people were driven into extreme poverty in 2020. This year’s celebration focuses on reimagining what it means to be a traveler, and making sure we do in a responsible way, for all actors involved.

“We believe the time is now, to begin this transformation” – UNWTO 

Casai’s commitment to sustainability

Casai’s mission is to transform the way the world travels. We are constantly looking towards the future and asking ourselves: how can we go beyond revolutionizing the guest experience, and instead, revolutionize the hospitality industry as a whole? One of the ways we are doing this is through our commitment to sustainable tourism.

We support cultural sustainability

The UNWTO recognizes the importance of celebrating and uplifting local traditions rather than disrupting them. 


We honor the cultures that surround us through the interior design of our apartments. From the furniture to the art on the walls, our designs are an expression of the cultural legacy and the communities we’re present in.


Casai Pieces is a collaboration between our interior design team and select local artists. It showcases the beauty and artistic mastery behind these talented artists. These unique pieces are on display in select Casai apartments.

Casai promotes cultural sustainability

We promote economic sustainability

Fully resuming international tourism will bring economic growth to the most vulnerable. One of our core values is to leave the world a better place and we’re doing this by buying local and supporting local businesses and communities. 


Approximately 90% of our apartments’ amenities, art, and design are locally sourced, providing our guests with top-quality products made by artisanal hands. From coffee and tea to spa-grade soaps, we encourage local consumption.


We also invite guests to shop, eat, and visit local businesses and tourist attractions. Through our Casai app and on our website, guests have full access to our local recommendations guides for Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, our top Mexican and Brazilian destinations. 

Mata café

We endorse sustainable housing

We’ve had the privilege to work with Échale, a Mexican social housing company and TETO, an NGO dedicated to helping individuals overcome extreme poverty across the world. These two initiatives have allowed us to help provide better housing conditions for people in Mexico and Brazil. 

Échale - sustainable housing

As the world recovers from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism is a primary sector that requires our attention. Through awareness and education government organizations, businesses, communities, and vulnerable groups can better understand how economic and social growth can be more inclusive. 


Be a part of a community changing the way the world travels. Book a stay with Casai on your next trip to Brazil or Mexico.