Eno Café Polanco

Photo: Casai



Brought to you by the same chef behind award-winning restaurant Pujol, Eno delivers a more casual and laid back dining experience, perfect for setting up camp with your laptop and enjoying a delicious lunch prepared with local and fresh seasonal ingredients. There is plenty of seating here so you rarely need to worry about waiting for a spot.
*We do our best to regularly update business hours, however, some hours may have changed due to COVID-19. Please see business website for the most up-to-date schedule.


Petrarca 258


Monday 8:00 AM – 21:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM – 21:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM – 21:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM – 21:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM – 21:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 21:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM – 21:00 PM




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Eno Café Polanco

Photo: Casai

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