Filmmaker & animal

rights activist

Alfonso Gómez

If you’re looking for vegan recommendations in Mexico City, Alfonso (Fon) Gomez is your guy. Fon is a local filmmaker and animal rights activist creating film and photography content for international NGOs. He’s also the co-founder of an organization called Pakaraima, which organizes annual environmentally-conscious music festivals in Mexico. All of the festival’s proceeds go towards environmentally positive impact projects in the community and surrounding green spaces. Fon grew up in the suburbs of the city, but he’s been living in the Condesa neighborhood for over a year. For some delicious vegan recipes, check out his new blog, Alcachofa and Fon, which he started with fellow vegan and owner of the local boutique shop, Alcachofa y Romero

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“ Mexico City's streets are full of coffee shops, restaurants and creative people coming here to work from all over the world. There’s also so much art and culture—inspiration is everywhere. ”

Alfonso Gómez, Filmmaker & Animal Rights Activist
Alfonso Gómez, Filmmaker & Animal Rights Activist

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