Gilberto Solís,Architect & Designer



Gilberto Gutiérrez de Lara

Gilberto Guitiérrez de Lara, or ‘Gilos,’ as his friends call him, is originally from Monterrey, but admits that after living in Mexico City for eight years, he’s becoming a full-on ‘Chilango.’ Gilos wears many hats: he’s an architect at an architectural design studio called Solvar, a partner at a brand agency called Futura and the co-owner of an artisanal mezcalería in the Roma Norte neighborhood called Tlecán. He currently lives in Condesa, which is a neighborhood he says encompasses everything he loves about the city; its greenery, the diversity of people from all around the world and rich history and architecture.

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“The more I travel, the more I like México City. Cities are usually very homogenous in their look and style, but México City is like a bunch of cities blended together... all of the neighborhoods are so different and have their own specific architectural styles.”

Gilberto Solís,Architect & Designer
Gilberto Solís,Architect & Designer

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