Jimena Lechuga and Diego Graue, Owner of Escopica and Gramo


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Jimena Lechuga & Diego Graue

Diego Graue and Jimena Lechuga are Mexico City-natives with a passion for Mexican history and art. Diego is the founder of Escopica, a designer eyewear shop in Roma Norte. He is also a filmmaker and currently working on his first feature-length film. Beyond his extensive resume, he is also a father of two and shares his life with his partner, Jimena Lechuga, an art historian, editorial designer and overall talented wordsmith.

They currently live in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood, which they say is ideal for raising a family because it’s safe, easily walkable and there are many  restaurant options. They both agree, however, that the best neighborhoods for exploring rich Mexican architecture are San Rafael, Santa María la Ribera and Centro Histórico.

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Top Picks in Mexico City

“As someone who works with language, I love the written expressions I find downtown and the diversity of the signage and slang. It might be chaotic, but you can really find the beauty in it.”
- Jimena Lechuga

“Mexico’s city center has all the historical stages of Mexico, from the archeological sites and pre-Hispanic ruins to modern architecture mixed in with traditional restaurants. It’s a place that has resisted gentrification organically because of its grand size and diversity.”
- Diego Graue

Jimena Lechuga and Diego Graue, Owner of Escopica and Gramo
Jimena Lechuga and Diego Graue, Owner of Escopica and Gramo

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