Luis Garvan, Photographer



Luis Garvan

Luis Garvan is a professional portrait photographer from Guanajuato, Mexico. He’s been living in Mexico City for the last three years, in a picturesque European-style loft situated on the eclectic Regina Street in the historic city center. This is also where Luis runs his portrait studio, Centro Estudio. He has lived in various neighborhoods around the city, but he admits his favorite area is Coyoacán for its style of life. In his words, “It’s as if time moves differently there, with its beautiful trees, unique architecture and parks. It’s a small capsule within the city”

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“My inspiration comes from everywhere: from the trips I take, to the people I meet, the movies I see. Everything I see that I connect with inspires me.”

Luis Garvan, Photographer
Luis Garvan, Photographer

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