The ideal Casai for your Zodiac Sign

Deciding which Casai to stay in can be tricky – not only for Libras.
The apartments are all trendy, equipped and located in Latin America’s top destinations, which doesn’t make for an easy choice.


So we asked the stars for a bit of light.


We’ve found the perfect stay for every sign, as well as its ideal destination. From São Paulo, Brazil, to Tulum, Mexico, there’s a Casai tailor-made for your chart.

Elis Fabulous Duplex in São Paulo | Casai

Aries is the ideal travel partner – especially since many trips happen thanks to Aries’ initiative and perseverance. Determined, they’ll choose their Casai before any other sign.


Their fire merits destinations with lots to discover: a stunning apartment in one of Latin America’s most vibrant cities. The Elis Fabulous Duplex, with a rooftop infinity pool, was tailor-made for Aryans. They’ll find plenty to do in the Casai, its leisure area, and the surrounding streets of São Paulo‘s trendiest neighborhood.


In addition, the breezy contactless check-in allows Aryans to get in and out of their Casai without waiting – and boy, do Aryans hate wasting time during trips.

Pitaya Sunny Escape in Mexico City | Casai

Of all the Zodiac Signs, Taurus is known for its good taste. Taureans won’t let us lie: they appreciate the finer things in life. This is why they fixate on picking out the right Casai and destination.


The perfect Casai for Taurus must overflow in comfort, with premium beds and sheets that feel like clouds. Aside from comfort, Taurus deserves to wake up to inspiring views, ideally in a city that is just as vivacious. The stars have pointed to Mexico City and landed in the Pitaya Sunny Escape.


This stunning condo in the Condesa neighborhood is a luminous loft perfect for three trendy guests. Its art-filled walls lead to a private balcony, where Taurus can lounge in silence while enjoying a delicious cup of complimentary coffee. And, once they’ve recharged their social energy, they can simply walk around the neighborhood and find top-tier gastronomic and cultural experiences.

Bethania Dream Duplex
Bethânia Dream Duplex in São Paulo | Casai

Gemini’s vibrant, inventive mind deserves a destination that can keep up. The smartest is an equally smart apartment. Gemini deserves the most vibrant and dynamic destination in Latin America, steps away from the busiest Avenue in Brazil.


The Bethânia Dream Duplex is in the heart of São Paulo. With digital and contactless check-in, this gorgeous loft near Avenida Paulista features a smart lock to ease Gemini’s access. Its modern, functional design is perfect for the multitasking Gemini: they’ll get to wander the city and return to high-speed WiFi and Google home.
The Smart TV with Chromecast is an in-door option for a cozy movie night.


And in case Geminians need tips for enjoying the city – although they probably don’t, since they know everything – they can reach out to a local concierge team, available 24/7 for them.

Flavia Jungle Flat in Tulum | Casai

No other sign is as comforting as Cancer, and they should enjoy a destination as cozy as their hearts. Cancerians, one of the most affectionate signs of the Zodiac, deserve incredibly soft sheets and mattresses in Tulum’s peaceful scenery.


Meet the Flavia Jungle Flat. As soon as they step out of the door, they must be greeted by the sounds of the jungle and a virgin cenote only a few minutes away.

The sign’s connection with water is quite compelling, so Cancerians need a private pool to dive into whenever they want.


As they’re always caring for others, this is Cancerians’ time to be pampered. Here, they’ll receive all the attention and support they deserve from a trilingual digital concierge team. And since this sign likes to entertain, they’ll count on a fully equipped kitchen and a big dining room to have a delicious breakfast with the ones they love the most.

Benjor Beach Escape in Rio de Janeiro | Casai

The king of the signs is known for being the center of attention. They’re considered incredibly generous and “unintentional” (more like secretive) lovers of the spotlight.
Hence, Leos deserves a modern city beaming under the Brazilian sun: like Rio de Janeiro.


At the Benjor Beach Escape, Leos will wake up in a stunning 2-bedroom apartment – ideal for sharing good times with their long list of friends. This Casai is found on one of Rio’s main avenues, in a building facing Ipanema Beach.


And when they’re ready to soak in vitamin D, Leos can relax in a long pool with incredible shore views. Or, they can care for their physical health in the building’s equipped gym.

Jojoba Cozy Retreat in Cabo San Lucas | Casai

Virginians will be expecting an immaculate Casai. Preferably, one overlooking the mountains, with a delightful rooftop pool and perhaps an equipped gym room to keep up with their routine (even during vacation!) This sign possesses an admirable capacity for organization, and they will finally be able to enjoy the rest they deserve on a relaxing vacation in the Mexican Pacific.


Located in downtown Cabo San Lucas, the Jojoba Cozy Retreat is surrounded by the city’s top restaurants, bars, and shops. This is a real treat for Virginians who won’t have any trouble filling their itinerary with top-tier experiences.


This booming beach town is a modern delight, perfect for multitasking Virgos that need catching up on the web. Thankfully, they’ll enjoy high-speed WiFi and 24/7 assistance from a local expert team. Lastly, for the few minutes they actually choose to relax, they can walk onto a jaw-dropping rooftop pool and soak up Cabo’s sun.

Morais Beach Suite in Rio de Janeiro | Casai

Like Taurus, Libra is another sign of delicate taste and a deep appreciation for beautiful things. Both signs are ruled by Venus, giving Librians a refined aesthetic and an appreciation of harmony. On the social side, they deeply care for other people’s happiness and always want to create a harmonious environment.


That is why a couple’s trip to Rio de Janeiro, one of Brazil’s most beautiful destinations is exactly what Libras deserve.
The Morais Beach Suite is a spacious apartment, just one block away from the famous Ipanema beach. It houses a delicious private jacuzzi, just what Libra needs to relax.


Plus, this building offers premium amenities, including a gorgeous pool, lounge area & spa. And, if they need to find a perfect choice for every party member, they can contact Casai’s expert concierge team.

Papaya Bohemian Hideaway in Tulum | Casai

Scorpio’s deepness deserves a travel experience just as intense. They enjoy surrounding themselves, and their loved ones, with unique, distinctive environments that feel just like home.
Sounds like a private rooftop pool surrounded by lush nature would get the job done.


The Papaya Bohemian Hideaway is a 5-guest luminous penthouse. The apartment’s boho-chic decor, the sounds of nature, and the yoga rooms invite Scorpios to deepen their connection with themselves and their company during their trip. And when they’re ready to explore, they’ll find cenotes, Mayan ruins and colorful jungle residents.


Eco-conscious Scorpios will be pleased to know that this building in La Veleta, Tulum uses biodegradable toiletries, and that bikes are available for rent at the front desk directly with the building staff. 

Eugenia Elegant Apartment in Florianópolis | Casai

Traveling with a Sagittarius? Lucky you! Sagittarians are one of the best travel companions, capable of infecting any environment with their lively, fun-loving presence of mind. They deserve a destination that provides as much fun and cheerfulness as they do.


A strategic location in downtown Florianópolis might just be what Sagittarians need. The Eugenia Elegant Apartment is equipped with modern devices and fast WiFi, perfect for entertaining themselves and their guests. Plus, just outside their door, the leisure area offers a stunning swimming pool, fully transparent – certainly a good match for Sagittarians. 


This was even the preferred choice of one of our Neighbors in Florianópolis! You can find all their expert recommendations in their neighbor’s guide.

Trova Premium Apartment in Mexico City | Casai

I’m not sure why we are suggesting a Casai for Capricorns. With all their planning capacity, Capricorns must have chosen their Casai long ago.


Because this sign is highly strategic and rational in their decision-making, they must have selected one of the cutest Casai available.
Since we are talking about a sagacious, practical, and hard-working sign, Capricorn deserves a stay with thoughtfully-designed spaces for Home-officing, with an inspiring aesthetic in a strategic location – like that of Polanco, in Mexico City.


The Trova Premium Apartment is incredibly close to the best stores and restaurants in the city. It is located in one of the most coveted neighborhoods, over Masaryk Avenue.
And as Capricornians are also discreet and reserved, they will love the privacy of this sophisticated space, surrounded by huge trees that protect and beautify the view from the window.

Rebozo Spacious Retreat | Casai

Aquarius is one of the most revolutionary signs of the Zodiac, conscious and concerned about humanity. Therefore, with their keen social and environmental awareness, they will be happy to know that they are staying in an ecological paradise that values environmental awareness.  All products found in the Rebozo Spacious Retreat are biodegradable. Aquarians can count on organic and locally produced shampoo, conditioner, and soap.


Aquarius can happily indulge in water & sun sessions in La Veleta’s leisure area: including two stunning pools and the coolest tipi terrace. The quietude of this Casai is only disturbed by the sound of nature, which makes for the ideal meditation retreat – which Aquarians will undoubtedly enjoy.


Their passion for culture and learning also suits this destination, close to Mayan ruins and stunning Tulum cenotes. And whenever they need expert recommendations, they can get them from a 24/7 concierge team.

Báalam Jungle Flat | Casai

Few signs are as spiritual and loving as Pisces. Therefore, a trip that prioritizes good moments in good company, surrounded by lots of nature, is the least the kind natives of this sign deserve.


They would like to, ideally, be surrounded by several bodies of water – the sign’s element – while having the option to mingle or remain in privacy with their loved ones. Hence, our pick is the Báalam Jungle Flat – a curated loft in Aldea Zama, Tulum.


The tranquil environment, surrounded by sounds of nature in a cozy and welcoming space, makes this Casai the perfect place for traveling fishies – in every sense of the word. The dream setting also features a full kitchen to prepare meals whenever you want and delightful beds for daydreaming or sleeping.

Whatever your sign, taste, and dream destination – there’s a perfect Casai waiting for you.

Book yours in the link below – before Aries books it for you.