The Ultimate Guide For Your Visit to Itaim Bibi in São Paulo

Itaim Bibi is commonly known as the business center of São Paulo, with skyscrapers rising above Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue. However, Itaim Bibi is much more than just a business hub. As a neighborhood, it has everything you need, from Michelin-starred restaurants, traditional stores, and chic art galleries. Check out our guide for the must-see attractions and best things to do in Itaim Bibi. 


Facts about Itaim Bibi

The origin of the name of this neighborhood is quite interesting. “Itahy” is an indigenous word from the Tupi-Guarani language meaning “small stone”. While “bibi” is a nickname given to the farmer Leopoldo Couto Magalhães, owner of the region we know today as Itaim Bibi.

Nowadays, Itaim Bibi has developed into a major technology hub in Brazil. Many innovative and global companies have offices here, including Facebook, Google, and even Louis Vuitton. The neighborhood is located on the west side of the capital. The main roads that run through Itaim Bibi, in addition to Brigadeiro Faria Lima, are Juscelino Kubitscheck and Nove de Julho Avenues.

Where to stay in Itaim Bibi, Sao Paulo
Adélia Curated Condo, Itaim Bibi

Where to eat in Itaim Bibi

With Michelin-star restaurants and an array of international cuisine, this part of São Paulo is a fantastic option for food lovers. Here you can find our tips on the best places to eat in the Itaim Bibi…


Start your day with a healthy and delicious breakfast at Frutaria São Paulo. Their dishes are packed with organic fruits and vegetables, ranging from wraps, sandwiches, and also fresh juices. Even though it is located in the heart of the city, you can still enjoy a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere here. 


For lunch or dinner, we highly recommend Italian restaurant and bar, Muza. Home-cooked pasta, juicy meats, and flavorsome risottos will go beyond all your wildest dreams! Don’t forget to try their excellent wine collection. If you are looking for a more unique experience, you must visit Chez Claude. You may already know the chef behind this French restaurant, Claude Troisgros, for his restaurant in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro. 

Extend your night out at Méz, a bar which resembles New York with its brick walls and colorful graffiti. Featuring some of the best bartenders in Brazil, along with their eccentric concoctions. We would recommend ordering their cocktail tasting menu which comes with seven different tipples, from new creations to classic favorites.  


Things to do in Itaim Bibi 

If you are passionate about architecture and design, the Museu da Casa Brasileira is a must-see. This museum showcases the history of Brazilian architecture and its influences over time, dating back from the colonial period to the present day. In Itaim, you can also find a selection of art galleries, such as Galeria Oscar Cruz, which has an impressive collection of contemporary art from Brazilian and international artists.

Casa do Saber, on the other hand, offers a completely contrasting experience. It’s a space designed to promote public debate and to share knowledge about various topics, from art to international politics. It’s located on Dr. Mário Ferraz Street and you can also attend their courses and workshops online.


The best parks to visit in Itaim Bibi

Parque do Povo provides a green oasis in the middle of this Brazilian metropolis, with spectacular views of the surrounding skyscrapers. This 130,000 m² park has a soccer field, a cycling track and even a skate park for sport fans. Why not take a picnic or go for a bike ride with your friends or family. Another highlight of the park is the ‘senses garden’, which is filled with aromatic and medicinal herbs, giving you a unique chance to connect with nature in the city.

O que fazer no Itaim Bibi_Parque do Povo
Parque do Povo Photo: Marcella Daher via CC BY 4.0

Where to go shopping in Itaim Bibi

All along Rua João Cachoeira you will find several department stores and other alternative shops. If you need to purchase something quicker than visiting a mall, you will find what you need here.  Also near Itaim, there is the sophisticated Iguatemi mall in Jardins, as well as Shopping JK Iguatemi in Vila Olímpia. Both options have high-end stores and chic designers so go on and treat yourself! 


Another interesting place to visit in Itaim Bibi is the umbrella factory, Aldo Grecco. It is one of the most popular stores on Tabapuã Street, visited by the high society who value the intricate details and handmade models. Now led by the fifth generation of the same Italian family, Aldo Grecco continues to provide hand-sewn fabrics and has begun to create other designs, such as beach chairs and parasols.   

Things to do in Itaim - Shopping JK
Shopping JK Iguatemi Photo: Victor Lopes CC BY 4.0

How to get around in Itaim Bibi

Itaim Bibi is very simple to get around. Bikes are a great alternative since the neighborhood has several cycle lanes. For instance, the cycle lane on Marginal Pinheiros, which connects Itaim to Vila Olímpia. You can find several bike rentals along the way.


Many residents of Itaim commute by bike every day, since most offices are located nearby. Transportation apps are also a good option for getting around the neighborhood, such as 99 and Uber.


Where to stay in Itaim Bibi

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