Is It Safe to Travel to Tulum, Mexico? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Are you ready to wave goodbye to your usual routine and shore up in Tulum? This guide unpacks the best of beach life and breezy transitions, whether you’re visiting or becoming a local. Embracing Tulum: Your Guide to Living and Working in Paradise With 98% of employees preferring to work from home (or at least […]

Are you ready to wave goodbye to your usual routine and shore up in Tulum? This guide unpacks the best of beach life and breezy transitions, whether you’re visiting or becoming a local.

Overhead shot of a serene river snaking through Tulum's lush greenery, showcasing a tranquil and secure getaway destination
Overhead shot of a serene river snaking through Tulum’s lush greenery, showcasing a tranquil and secure getaway destination

Embracing Tulum: Your Guide to Living and Working in Paradise

With 98% of employees preferring to work from home (or at least occasionally), it’s clear why more folks are blending travel with work. This shift is making spots like Tulum, Mexico, more appealing than ever. So if you’re thinking about a short visit or maybe making a move, one big question might pop up: is it safe to travel to Tulum, Mexico? 

Good news, because not only is it safe to travel to Tulum, but the big scoop on living the dream in this beachside paradise is what this guide is all about— all courtesy of!

That’s because at, we’re all about mixing luxury with a personal touch. We aim for your Tulum experience to be top-notch, whether you’re staying for a week or looking to stay for good. 

Let us walk you through why Tulum is the perfect spot for your next adventure or your new home, all while ensuring you have the smoothest, most enjoyable experience with

Sands of Serenity: Discovering Tulum’s Beachfront Wonders

To answer the question “it is safe to travel to Tulum, Mexico,” we start off by saying Tulum’s beaches are not just safe havens but true slices of paradise. Playa Paraíso and Playa Ruinas stand out with their stunning views, offering more than just a dip in the turquoise waters. They are perfect for anyone considering living in Tulum, blending natural beauty with a sense of community and safety.

Whether it’s lounging on the sun-kissed sands of Playa Paraíso, exploring the underwater life while snorkeling, or embracing the serene backdrop of Playa Ruinas beneath the historic Mayan ruins, Tulum’s beaches definitely cater to all types of travelers. For example, if you’re an expat looking for Tulum tips or simply want to use a relocation guide, this guide will lead you to beaches that will undoubtedly align the local lifestyle with yours. Imagine days filled with paddleboarding, yoga by the sea, or simply unwinding with the rhythmic sounds of the waves. Its coastlines promise such idyllic lifestyles, ensuring every moment is as enchanting as the last.

Close-up of a chef preparing vibrant local cuisine in Tulum, highlighting the safe and rich culinary journey visitors can expect
Close-up of a chef preparing vibrant local cuisine in Tulum, highlighting the safe and rich culinary journey visitors can expect

Timelines in Stone: Tulum’s Mayan Heritage Unearthed

If you’re flicking through a “Moving to Tulum” guide, you’ll quickly learn that the town’s heart beats in its historical sites. The Tulum Mayan Ruins, perched above the sea, is not just a sight to behold but a journey back in time for anyone thinking about living in Tulum.

However, Tulum’s historical reach also extends beyond its own ruins. Nearby, places like Coba and Muyil offer a deeper dive into the rich Mayan legacy. Ancient structures and serene lagoons echo its past and these spots are just perfect for anyone looking to connect with history and the natural beauty of the area. In other words, they’re pretty much essential stops if you wish to understand Tulum better. Both apply to any history buff or even if you’re just curious about your new home. Tulum’s ruins and archaeological sites truly promise a profound and enriching experience.

A Taste of Tulum: Top Eats You Must Try

The culinary landscape of Tulum is as diverse and inviting as the town itself. It never fails to present an array of flavors that cater to every palate. Now, if you’re still wondering if it is safe to travel to Tulum, Mexico, worry not. In terms of dining, the gastronomic experiences that await you are certified safe and sensational. 

Here’s a look at three of the town’s most acclaimed restaurants that are essential visits for any food lover:


Known for its innovative approach to cuisine, Hartwood utilizes locally sourced ingredients to craft dishes that reflect the richness of the region. The restaurant’s ever-changing menu is a testament to the chefs’ creativity, with each dish offering a unique taste of Tulum.


This restaurant is a favorite for its atmospheric setting and exceptional mezcal cocktails. Gitano serves up contemporary Mexican dishes with a flair, making every meal a delightful encounter with the local culinary traditions.


Praised for its fusion of local and international cooking techniques, Arca provides a dining experience that highlights the best of Tulum’s natural bounty. The restaurant’s focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. This ensures a menu that’s both thoughtful and flavorful, capturing the essence of the destination.

Whether you’re planning to make Tulum your new home or just passing through, these dining spots are key to enjoying the town’s vibrant food scene. They not only promise memorable meals, but also encapsulate the spirit of this unique locale.

Woman meditating at sunrise on a Tulum beach, embodying the peace and safety of wellness experiences in this Mexican paradise
Woman meditating at sunrise on a Tulum beach, embodying the peace and safety of wellness experiences in this Mexican paradise

Green Getaways: Tulum’s Eco-Adventures

It’s no surprise how Tulum’s dedication to eco-tourism shines through with its array of eco-parks. Whether you’re browsing a “Moving to Tulum” guide or checking if it is safe to travel to Tulum, Mexico, these parks will demonstrate the area’s commitment to environmental stewardship. They offer fantastic experiences close to nature, and simply convince you to pay Tulum a visit.


A natural aquarium where the river meets the sea, Xel-Há is a snorkeler’s paradise with clear waters full of marine life. The park efficiently shares its message of sustainability to its guests who can enjoy snorkeling, zip-lining, and river floating responsibly.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Sian Ka’an is a model of conservation. Visitors can explore the reserve via guided tours, kayaking excursions, or bird-watching trips, all designed to minimize environmental impact.

Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

This lesser-known gem will give you the rare chance to interact with the Mayan jungle’s inhabitants, particularly the spider and howler monkeys. The reserve focuses on protecting the local wildlife and provides guided walks, canoe trips, and even a zip-line over the lagoon.

These eco-arks not only offer incredible experiences. They also give you a chance to learn more about conservation efforts and contribute to the preservation of the planet. No wonder these are listed as must-visit destinations in most guides for anyone staying in or moving to Tulum.

Tranquility and Transformation: Finding Peace in Tulum

Known for its calm vibe and stunning natural surroundings, it’s the perfect place for a wellness retreat. Again, if you find yourself browsing a “Moving to Tulum” guide or wondering if it is safe to travel to Tulum, Mexico, let the fact that wellness is a big part of the local lifestyle be your answer.

Here are three retreats where you can relax and recharge:

Amansala Eco-Chic Resort + Retreat

Famous for its beautiful beachfront setting and holistic wellness programs, Amansala offers a range of activities designed to enhance well-being. From their signature Beach Body Bootcamp to yoga classes and mindfulness meditation, guests can customize their experience to suit their wellness goals.

Nomade Tulum

Fostering spiritual health and wellness through a variety of workshops, yoga sessions, and healing ceremonies, Nomade‘s philosophy centers on community and personal growth. Guests are invited to participate in experiences that range from sound healing to cacao ceremonies. All activities designed to nurture the soul and connect with the spirited energy of Tulum.

Kore Tulum Retreat & Spa Resort

This exclusive adults-only sanctuary is situated on the stunning seafront near Playa Paraiso, Tulum. Kore Resort offers gourmet dining, a sprawling outdoor pool, lavish spa services, and elegantly appointed suites with modern amenities, ensuring a serene and indulgent getaway.

These retreats give you more than just a holiday break; they likewise offer you a chance to reset and reconnect in one of the most serene spots on earth. Whether you’re on the fence about staying in Tulum or just visiting, adding a wellness retreat to your itinerary is a must-do for anyone looking to embrace the town’s tranquil lifestyle.

Elevated view of a beachfront resort pool in Tulum, illustrating the secure and relaxing atmosphere for travelers seeking a serene retreat
Elevated view of a beachfront resort pool in Tulum, illustrating the secure and relaxing atmosphere for travelers to travel to Tulum
Image Credit: Kore Tulum Retreat & Spa Resort

Your Home in Tulum: Finding Your Perfect Stay

Now let’s tackle how one should choose to live, move, or travel to Tulum. Such an exciting decision is only made even better by the abundance of welcoming accommodations available. Whether you’re settling down or just visiting, there’s a perfect spot for you, ranging from spacious villas to intimate homes

Below are some properties ready to offer you a seamless experience. With the, you can be sure that it is safe to travel to Tulum, Mexico:

Kin Tulum House

This 5-bedroom villa, located centrally in Tulum, is perfect for families or groups. It features a refreshing outdoor pool, a generous terrace, and a kitchen equipped for any culinary adventure. Its wheelchair accessibility ensures comfort for every guest.

Flavia Jungle Flat 

In the serene area of Zama, this 1-bedroom house provides an intimate setting with its own private pool, ideal for relaxation or a romantic retreat. It comes complete with a patio and a contemporary kitchen, close to Tulum’s breathtaking sites.

Regina Jungle Penthouse – Beach Club 

Experience exclusivity at this 1-bedroom penthouse, which includes access to a distinguished beach club. The property boasts a hot tub, modern kitchen amenities, and a peaceful patio, offering a tranquil haven for relaxation and leisure.

With such a variety of comfortable and inviting stays available in Tulum, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to call home, be it for a few nights or a longer stay. These properties ensure you’re well-positioned to explore all that Tulum has to offer in the next exciting chapter of your journey.

Is It Safe to Travel to Tulum, Mexico? With, a Definite Yes!

Tulum really has it all—gorgeous beaches, fascinating historical sites, delicious food, and nature all around. And with, you’re set for a worry-free stay, whether you’re just dropping by or planning to stick around longer. We’ve got your back with top-notch places to stay that are all about making you feel secure and pampered. 

So why not give Tulum a go and see what all the fuss is about? You’re in good hands with, as we always ensure your every trip or move is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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