Insider's Guide: The 10 Best Restaurants in Mexico City

Mexico’s capital has become a gastronomical hub for flavors and cuisines of all cultures. With its large list of neighborhoods, all with a unique culinary identity, choosing the best restaurants in Mexico City is quite complex. Traditional food is certainly a protagonist, but you can also find some of the best Asian restaurants in Latin America, as well as outstanding Italian creations or fusion menus.


The best restaurants in the city range from world-class fine dining to modern-alternative spots. Whatever the type of place, it provides stellar food and a taste of something visitors can’t get back home. So, if you’re looking for Instagram-worthy meals, book a table at our top 10 restaurants in Mexico City.

1. Lardo

Located in the Condesa neighborhood, Lardo is an all-day Mediterranean spot with a casual setting. The menu focuses on quality ingredients through simple preparations, and it is seasonally defined.


They’re famously known for their grilled octopus, which often runs out during early lunch hours. But they’re also a popular breakfast spot, with an ample choice of Pan Dulce and signature egg dishes. Be sure to make a reservation for a table, or sit at Lardo’s bar and enjoy the sounds of Parque España.

  • $$ – $$$
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2. Tetetlan

Located in Jardines del Pedregal, Tetetlan is an elegant spot on the city’s outskirts. Although it was originally the horse stables of influential architect Luis Barragán, the space was recently restored by an art collector. It is now many things: a locally sourced café, a showcase for regional designers, a restaurant offering creative Mesoamerican dishes, and more.


Its vast breakfast menu and daily changing courses are certainly a reason to visit. But it’s the design that’s truly unmissable: glass floors looking down on the area’s local purple-black volcanic rock.

  • $$-$$
Tetetlan | Mejores restaurantes CDMX
Tetetlan | Casai's Top 10 Restaurants in Mexico City

3. Felix Pizza Bar

Maybe you don’t think “Mexico” when talking about pizzerias, but the city has many spots worth a visit. A solid choice is Felix Pizza Bar, tucked down an alleyway between Quentin and Bar Félix on Roma’s main street. It is an open-air patio with a high-stool bar, perfect for enjoying the fresh breeze of CDMX.


Neapolitan-style pies emerge from the restaurant’s wood-burning oven, topped with homemade sausage or tender meatballs. And you can also find some great salads, including a kale Caesar and a zippy fennel-and-burrata number.

  • $
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4. Meroma

It’s been said that Meroma has the best pasta in Mexico City. This Roma Norte restaurant opens onto the street with a short bar and a handful of stools— perfect for starter cocktails or bar bites. Up a set of stairs, the dining room is small and cozy.


Meroma’s menu features seasonal vegetables picked by husband-and-wife chef duo Rodney Cusic and Mercedes Bernal, who are great at sourcing stellar local ingredients. The menu has a pleasing balance: greens, oysters and fish, lamb and quail, and their world-renowned pasta.

  • $$$
Meroma | Mejores restaurantes CDMX
Meroma | Casai's Top 10 Restaurants in Mexico City

5. Choza

Hard to find but well worth the search. If you’re looking for an alternative, pet-friendly diner, Choza is regularly full with eaters and their furry friends lounging in hammocks. This Asian-inspired spot is only open during the weekends, from 2 to 9 pm. You’ll arrive at a building with no sign in Roma Norte, only a waiter looking out the window for new sitters.


Its menu is seafood-heavy, and changes throughout the day as dishes run out. Many of their cocktails include seasonal fruits and Mexican liquors — including their mezcal, sourced from small producers in Oaxaca and Guerrero.

  • $
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6. Pato Manila

Everyone will direct you to a different al pastor spot. We’re not trying to compete. But if you want to steer to a different taco direction, Pato Manila is a must. Their specialty is simple Mexican and Asian dishes made with duck – a unique, decadent take.


Tacos, tortas, spring rolls, and wontons make up its simple menu, which is also a perfect option for a take-out night. You can catch a bite of theirs in La Roma, Centro, and Polanquito.

  • $
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7. Em Restaurant

With a farm-to-table menu, this La Roma spot houses a wide range of exciting, fun dishes. This minimalist diner offers a-la-carte ordering, as well as a tasting menu with the best dishes in the kitchen.


The work of the chef, Lucho Martínez, has previously been described as modern Mexican using a French technique, with a Japanese omakase spin. Although Em’s menu is seasonally defined, be sure to check out some of its regulars – like the beef tongue mole or the Petrossian caviar.

  • $$$ – $$$$
Em | Mejores restaurantes CDMX
Em | Casai's Top 10 Restaurants in Mexico City

8. Polpo

The new it-place of La Roma, Polpo is a tapas bar inside the recently remodeled Pasaje Parián. They offer artisanal charcuterie, cheeses, and international tapas, paired with their unique wine selection.


Dishes and drinks change often, but their classic cocktails and beers are always on the menu. However, if you’re looking for something more substantial, you’ll find note-worthy Spain-inspired options. Polpo’s mellow rice with baby squid; or beef tartare with black garlic and pickle sauce are a few favorites.

  • $-$$
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9. Dooriban

Initially a deli market in Roma Norte offering traditional Korean dishes, Dooriban has now expanded to a diner featuring Asian dishes with traditional Mexican flavors. But if this is your first time exploring Korean cuisine, they offer some great options to start.


When in Dooriban, grab a shot of soju (liquor), wings with spicy gochujang sauce, kimchi fried rice –their hangover cure, or gyeran bokkeumbap, a dish that chef and owner Mama Park used to prepare for her own when they were little.

  • $-$
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10. Carmela & Sal

This Polanco dining room is a shimmering, glamorous restaurant, yet it is known for its home-style cooking. Interestingly, many of the menu’s flavors are inspired by Tabasco, a region south of the country where chef Gaby Ruíz grew up. And as a unique twist, food is presented as a “concert.” In other words,  every course is representative of a different part of the orchestra.


Carmela & Sal’s signature dish is Tierra de Luna: an empanada made with ripe plantain, stuffed with black beans, and topped with a memorable tomato sauce.

  • $$
Carmela & Sal | Mejores restaurantes CDMX
Carmela & Sal's Tierra de Luna | Casai's Top 10 Restaurants in Mexico City

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