Meet Luiz Eduardo Mazetto: Casai Brazil’s General Manager

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched Casai in Brazil! We speak to the General Manager behind our first international expansion, Luiz Eduardo Mazetto. 


How long have you been working on launching Casai in Brazil?


I have known of Casai since the very start as I was working for Monashees, one of Casai’s first investors. Working so close to inspiring entrepreneurs, like Nico and Maricarmen — as well as my passion for travelling  — motivated me to take this new challenge. At the beginning of 2020, I joined the company with the mission to start operations in Brazil.


How big is your team?


We started as just three people and now we are a team of 30 in Brazil. Our team includes operations, customer experience, and some working directly with the global Casai team. The aim is to deliver an amazing and unique Casai experience.

Which Casai unit are you most excited about in Brazil and why?


It is very hard to pick a favourite, given how unique each of our units are in Brazil. However, two of them have a very special place in my heart. One of our first units launched in Brazil was Bethânia Dream Duplex. It’s a duplex with an amazing terrace located in the heart of Jardins and very close to the famous Paulista Avenue. Also, the Aquino Artistic Suite is an incredible apartment that was launched with another 49 Casai units in a modern building. The building is equipped with an amazing pool and gym in Itaim Bibi — one the best locations to live in São Paulo.


How are you ensuring that a Casai stay in São Paulo is the same as in CDMX or Tulum?


Offering a consistent experience to our guests is one of the most important aspects for Casai. We use our smart-home technology to help us better understand the needs of our guests and to deliver a high-quality service based on data-driven decisions and efficient operations.  All of our units are thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable experience for our guests. We work with local artisans and partners  to build a connection with the local community and to provide a more authentic experience. The secret of a Casai apartment in São Paulo  — or in any other city in Latin America  — is exactly this: being able to offer a consistently high-quality stay anywhere and, at the same time, bring the authenticity of a truly local experience.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Do you have plans to expand to other cities within Brazil?


We are already exploring our expansion to Rio de Janeiro. We couldn’t be a hospitality company in Brazil without also being present in this world-famous city. Since Rio is one of the most visited cities in the world, it has a lot of potential for the short term rentals market. Also, we have seen more of a need for leisure destinations in a post-COVID world, such as Rio de Janeiro. The lines between work and travel are blurring and people want to be near to the beach.


What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in launching Casai in Brazil?


Launching a new destination is always a challenge. The global pandemic made it even more challenging than usual. We had to adjust to new trends in consumer behavior and adapt our product to the local market, meanwhile keeping all our guests and team safe. We wanted to maintain a sense of community that our guests crave when staying in our units in São Paulo.

What are some of your biggest achievements?


It all starts with bringing an incredible and passionate team together. Hospitality is an industry about delivering unforgettable experiences to other people. From the beginning our team has been 100% committed to that. Our 90% occupancy rate and a 4.9 average star rating from our guests are huge achievements and show our teams’ commitment and passion to Casai. 


Who do you imagine staying in a Casai apartment in São Paulo? What are their needs and wants?


Our Casai apartments are very similar to the city of São Paulo: a place that welcomes everyone, regardless of their nationality and needs. We welcome a variety of guests to our units. Those who want a place to stay for a few days, either for work or leisure, tend to ask us about the best restaurants in town. Also, they usually need a comfortable workstation. Whereas guests that stay for many months require a fully equipped kitchen or a cleaning service during their stay.

Kobra Mural on Avenida Paulista, Sao Paulo.

What are the most important aspects of the locations the Casai apartments are based in? How did you select the neighborhoods?


In São Paulo, we focus on being in the best locations, within the trendiest neighborhoods of the city. We prioritize safety, walkability, access to green areas, such as: parks and tree-lined streets. All this enhances the Casai experience beyond the apartment itself. Our units can be found in neighborhoods such as: Jardins, Itaim Bibi, Pinheiros, and Vila Olímpia.


How do you select the units? What do you look for in each one? 


Location is key in a large city such as São Paulo, so it’s important that our apartments are well-located to offer our guests the best experience. We also pay close attention to what the apartment can offer. Such as: panoramic views,  functional spaces, good light, parking spots and amenities areas within the building. The apartments are then carefully designed and installed with top notch technology that transforms a regular apartment into a full Casai experience.

Instituto Tomie Ohtake in Pinheiros, Sao Paulo

What do you love most about São Paulo? What can guests look forward to experiencing when they visit?


São Paulo is a charming, large and cosmopolitan city. I love the contrast you see between the old and the modern and how much access you have to so many different cultures. On the same day, you can experience an amazing Italian restaurant in Bixiga and have dinner in a Michelin star Japanese restaurant in Itaim. 


You can see this interesting mix on our blog where we talk with locals about their recommendations in the city. Each person suggests completely different places, according to their own perspective about São Paulo. We recommend to our guests to try the places recommended by these Neighbors. However, the magnitude of this city always allows them to find a new, hidden local gem. 


How do you see Casai expanding further in the next 3 years?


We are always looking for opportunities to grow. Brazil has a dynamic economy with a lot of unexplored opportunities in the hospitality sector. I expect Casai to expand its operations in Brazil a lot over the following years.

Brazil General Manager for Casai, Luiz Mazetto

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