Moving to Mexico City During COVID-19: Top 10 Tips

No matter what brings you – a job, project, or winter sun chasing – moving to Mexico City during COVID-19 can be tough. Learning about each neighborhood’s reputation, searching for the perfect home base, and haggling with utilities providers are just some of the pain points during normal times. With COVID-19 restrictions, each of these tasks becomes much more difficult with limited in-person contact, social-distancing, and communicating through masks. 

In the following post, read our top 10 tips for moving to Mexico City during COVID-19. 

1/10: Search for furnished apartments

Moving to Mexico City During COVID-19

Take the stress out of apartment hunting and decorating by limiting your search to furnished apartments. In the best of times, moving into an empty unit can be tough. During a pandemic? Unnecessarily difficult. Finding a home with all your day-to-day necessities means you don’t have to leave your house to go shopping. Focus your energy on other efforts like locating the nearest supermarket and your taquería! 

1/10: Don't lock yourself into a year-long lease right away

Moving to Mexico City During COVID-19

It’s hard to plan too far in advance these days, so don’t tie yourself down with a binding agreement. Look for month-to-month or flexible rental plans to keep your options open. Look towards modern vacation rental concepts like Casai (with over 200 apartments in Mexico City) for flexible rental plans designed for any length of stay.

3/10: Get to know locals who can help you get settled

Moving to Mexico City During COVID-19

Use your network to find a friend or connection who lives in Mexico City. Reaching out to a local will provide a wealth of information, advice, and recommendations. Don’t know anyone in Mexico City? Try renting an apartment on a platform that offers personalized service. Local companies like Casai will offer you a local guide and 24/7 concierge service to help ease the move-in process and get you acclimated to the new culture. 

4/10: Stick to safe and walkable neighborhoods

Alongside Parque Gandhi

We recommend sticking to the best and safest neighborhoods. Staying in neighborhoods near Reforma (Avenida Paseo de la Reforma) or in the modern Santa Fe district will ensure easy access to shopping, groceries, pharmacies, and restaurants all within distance. With the COVID-19 restrictions changing so frequently, it’s worth finding a location that’s walkable so you can avoid taking public transportation. 

5/10: Look for units near greenery and

Calle de los poetas

There are so many health benefits for spending time outside. Make it easy to access Mexico City’s best green spaces and parks from your unit. If you’re staying in Condesa, Parque México and Parque España are mere blocks from your unit. If you stay in Roma, make sure you stroll through the Ramón López Velarde Garden. In Polanco you will have access to sprawling or the quaint Parque Lincoln. It’s important to get outside (safely!) with pandemic related restrictions. 

6/10: Prioritize units with utilities included

Moving to Mexico City During COVID-19

There’s nothing worse than the hassle of setting up utilities in a new apartment. Look for units with utilities included and pre-installed, so you don’t have to bother scheduling appointments or negotiating in a language you may not be familiar with. Plus, pre-installed means less contact with other people during the pandemic. Companies like Casai will provide you with smart homes, pre-equipped with all the modern tech you need. They also have a 24/7  IT support team that speaks English!

7/10: Join a Community

Casai Community Area

The toughest part about moving to a new place is building a network of friends. It takes time to meet people organically, but some buildings may offer community activities so you can meet other travelers and expats. Many buildings also have amenities like rooftop pools, gyms, or patios so guests can meet each other. Just make sure you’re always following the city-wide and building enforced COVID-19 guidelines. Be a part of a community from day one!

8/10: Pay attention to safety and security features

Casai Lobby

Safety first! Search for units that are located in the safest neighborhoods in Mexico City. Most buildings have 24/7 security guards in the lobby to screen and track visitors. Other safety features might include security cameras, smart locks, sign-in books and visitor badges, or private entries. 

9/10: No Spanish? No Problem!

smart home devices Smart App

Many travelers to Mexico City don’t speak sufficient spanish. Online magazine Expats in Mexico conducts an annual survey of expats in Mexico. They found 9% of respondents are fluent in Spanish, 21% are conversational, and 54% know enough to be understood. That leaves 16% that don’t speak Spanish at all. Speaking the language is not a requirement, but do look for the right balance between speakers of your native language and Spanish speakers. Trying to learn some words and phrases will make your life easier in the long run! 

10/10: Bringing pets? Make sure your building is pet friendly

Pet Friendly Casai

If you have a pet at home, your furry friend may be joining the 2 million domestic animals that board commercial flights each year. Not every house, apartment, or rental will allow pets, so make sure you check before committing. Oftentimes pets will require an additional fee, on top of your rent, utilities, and taxes. Mexico City is incredibly dog-friendly with plenty of daycares, parks, and dog walkers, just make sure your accommodations are, too! 

Moving to Mexico City During COVID-19

All of these tips might seem like an overload of information. How will you find the perfect place with so many factors to keep in mind? Let Casai simplify the search for you. 

Each Casai has been thoughtfully designed keeping our guest’s needs in mind. All the linens, furnishings, and utilities you need are already taken care of. Beyond necessities, each Casai is decorated uniquely, featuring art and furniture crafted by local artisans. 

Casai’s flexible bookings allow guests to stay for as long, or little, as they want. The bookings don’t require lease clauses, complicated paperwork, or binding agreements. 

Casai's personalized service concierge

Casai’s concierge staff is available 24/7 for every question, request, or concern. Consider this service your personal team of locals, ready to help you discover the city. Best of all, they’re completely contactless, reachable 24/7 through the Casai app or WhatsApp. 

Each Casai’s location is hand-picked. We stick to the best neighborhoods that feature the city’s best bars, restaurants, shopping, and culture. Avoid taking public transportation and enjoy the walk between destinations. 

PLT126 Patio

Casai utilities include gas, electric, WiFi, Google Home and Chromecast. The best part? We’ve already set it up, so there’s no delay from the moment you arrive. Say hello to hassle-free moving!

Security guards are available and smart locks are installed in every Casai unit. We’ve got it covered. 

With Casai, you’ll have access to an incredible network of other travelers. With over 200 apartments in the city, inhabited by like-minded expats, you’ll recognize your fellow Casai guests in your building’s common areas or around the neighborhood. Meet people, socially-distanced, from your first day.

Ready to book your long-term stay in Mexico City? Browse our available units.

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Canales Suite, Santa Fe, Mexico City
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Cardenas Central Condo, Santa Fe, Mexico City
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Azpeitia Suite, Santa Fe, Mexico City

There are so many reasons to choose Casai for your long-term stay in Mexico City. As a team of expats, we know what it’s like to move to a new city. We’ve thought of every need, keeping in mind the restrictions from the current COVID-19 situation. Come stay with Casai to take the stress out of moving to Mexico City during COVID-19.