The 5 Benefits of Working Outside

Discover 5 data-backed reasons why spending time in the sun is excellent for well-being. Get more sunlight in your life by working outside.

1/5: Increase Your Energy

Working outside makes people feel more alive. Did you know that scientists have found compelling evidence that 20 minutes of time in the open air can be just as energy boosting as a cup of coffee? The next time you feel your energy fading, try some time outside before reaching for that cup of coffee.

2/5: Relieve Your Stress

Spending time outside can alter your body’s chemistry. Levels of cortisol — the stress hormone — decrease after being outdoors. After lengthy periods of time spent outside, the effects can last for days. Next time work starts piling up, consider moving your home office outside or indulging in a walk.

3/5: Focus Up!

Fight distraction with sharper focus. Did you know exposure to natural environments enhances your attention? If working in the same spot for too long is starting to take its toll on your concentration, try working outside and soak in your natural surroundings.

4/5: Get Collaborative

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Exposing oneself to nature has been shown to increase feelings of trust, community and goodwill. Encourage team members and colleagues to get outside for your next brainstorming or teamwork session and utilize these good feelings.

5/5: Enjoy Deeper Sleep

Respect your circadian rhythm! Spending time in natural sunlight can increase your mood, alertness and metabolism. Scientists think it’s these health benefits that could explain why older adults exposed to two hours of bright light during the day, increased their nightly slumber by 46 minutes to two hours.

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Rivera Terrace Suite in Roma Norte, Mexico City

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Estaño Sunny Flat, Roma Norte, Mexico City
Casai Community Area
Palenque Private Oasis, Condesa, Mexico City
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Cacho Cozy Studio, Condesa, Mexico City