What is Casai?

Since 2020, the way we travel has changed forever. Now, social distancing measures, remote work flexibility, and clean, safe practices have become the norm. 


Guests today prioritize social responsibility, authentic experiences, a strong WiFi connection, and a place with home-like comfort. 


As leaders in the travel industry, we know the importance of being one step ahead of the game. That is why we’ve created Casai: a hospitality brand known for its award-winning design, digitally fueled guest service, and cultural sustainability.

What is Casai? Discover the New World of Travel

What is Casai?

Casai is a Latin American-based hospitality experience made for the travelers of tomorrow.  We curate, custom-design and service boutique apartments that merge:

    • The trendy design of a boutique hotel
    • The reliable service of a 5-star hotel
    • The local immersion of a vacation rental

How Casai started

Back in 2019, two savvy travelers, Nico Barawid and Maricarmen Herrerias saw the burning needs of the hospitality industry. And thus, they designed a service that would modernize the traditional hotel model.


We built a brand at the intersection of technology and guest obsession — Casai CEO, Nico Barawid 

Nico and Maricarmen | Casai Management
COO Maricarmen Herrerías and CEO Nico Barawid

Nico was the head of expansion for a large U.S.-based FinTech company. In other words, he spent much of his career on the road. And as a business traveler with a desire for authentic travel experiences, he was in constant search of beautiful spaces. Particularly, those spaces that combined the seamless service of a 5-star hotel with the local immersion of a vacation rental


On the other hand, Maricarmen spent several years as a hospitality strategist. She re-imagined what it meant to provide superior services for hundreds of properties across Latin America. And in the meantime, she developed a new approach to common hospitality challenges, like slow turnaround times for guest requests and data leveraging with proprietary technology.


And when they met, combined their industry expertise and frequent travel experience to create a concept that would reinvent hospitality as we know it.

What is Casai? Discover the New World of Travel

Where can you find Casai?

As of January 2022, you can stay with us in two countries: Casai Mexico and Casai Brazil


We’re opening new doors in Latin America’s most desirable neighborhoods every day. By 2023, you’ll be able to choose from over 20 new cities to stay with us.

What is Casai? Discover the New World of Travel

Casai Mexico

    • Mexico City: Firstly, Mexico’s cosmopolitan capital. Secondly, Casai’s native city. This international spot is the meeting ground for cuisines of all cultures, business opportunities, and world-class design. Plus, it is the ultimate destination to explore the country’s famous archeological sites. You can now find over 200 vacation homes in its best neighborhoods – including Polanco, Condesa, and Roma Norte.
What is Casai? Discover the New World of Travel

What sets us apart?

We’ve created a lodging service unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Authentic local experiences, digitally-fueled guest service and homelike comfort are just the beginning.

There’s a team of over 400 Casai Hosts dedicated to bringing you our signature stays.


Here’s how we do it:

 Step 1: We select beautiful apartments
in the best neighborhoods in Latin America

We have a deep commitment to local economic development. As business ventures, we generate an impact on our communities. And in Casai, we’re committed to making sure ours is a positive one.


Because of this, we’ve turned ourselves into expert city guides to let you in on the unmissable spots in every neighborhood. And we opt to work directly with local business owners to promote their brands


You can check out our Neighbors Guide for every city, where you’ll learn about restaurants, shops, and exciting projects from the creators themselves.

Our team of real estate experts hand-pick apartments that meet Casai’s standards in architecture and walkability scores. All of our apartments are well-situated in business hubs (for the business traveler) and stylish neighborhoods (for those who want a locally-immersive experience).


As our real estate lead in Mexico City Andrés Mendoza says, “We are responsible for providing the canvas where the Casai experience is created.”

Step 2: We outfit each apartment with
smart home technology

We are excited by the industry’s shift towards a tech-powered consumer experience and look forward to leading the way in research and development


Each Casai offers smart TVs, Chromecasts, high-speed WiFi, and Google Home devices. Plus, we’re already implementing our own technological developments inside our apartments, including CasaiKey– our home-built door locks system. 


We encourage guests to sync their Casai app to their apartment’s technology for the full experience. And we’re proud to offer smart spaces that pair with our sophisticated app to enhance our hospitality experience.

Step 3: We custom-design spaces
that tell local stories

To us, home is more than a physical space with familiar comfort. It’s that feeling of community integration and connection to those around you.


Our team works closely with local artisans to ensure every apartment aesthetically speaks the local language. This is why all of the design pieces featured in our spaces tell the stories of the communities we’re in. 


Look for the stories in the art on your wall and take note of the traditional design techniques that have been passed down through generations. We want you to experience these local stories without leaving your front door. 

Step 4: Finally, we welcome you home! 

We’re here to make your stay as seamless and memorable as possible. Whether you’re traveling for work, vacation, or sticking around for a while, you can rely on our dedicated team of customer experience experts.


Our spaces, appliances, and amenities have been carefully picked-out, considering what we ourselves would want while on the road. And we’re always thinking about the next addition to improve your stay.


Plus, each Casai has been professionally deep-cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival, for your safety and peace of mind. And if you ever need help or recommendations, you can reach out to our digital concierge teamavailable 24/7. So you can rest assured knowing everything’s been taken care of.

We can sit here for hours and tell you all about ourselves. But then again, Casai is first and foremost an experience to live. 


You have a vast number of destinations ready to enjoy in 2022. If you’re ready to explore in style and comfort, we’ll be happy to make some (large) room for you.

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