Fabian Martinez, Photographer



Fabian Martínez

Fabian Martinez is originally from Aguascalientes, a town about six hours north of Mexico City, but he’s been living in the city for two years now. He’s currently working as a freelance photographer and living in the Historic Center. Fabian says it’s his favorite neighborhood because the diversity of the people downtown inspires his street photography. He also adds that it’s the only neighborhood where he feels like he’s “truly in Mexico,” as opposed to other more gentrified areas of the city. 

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“I’m inspired by people and light. I’m attracted to the old fabrics I see people wearing in the center of the city and the diversity of the people on the street. I’m also really inspired by the way different types of light affect the mood of my photos”.

Fabian Martinez, Photographer
Fabian Martinez, Photographer

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