Jimena Suarez Casai neighbord CDMX


Founder of Sentient

Jimena Suárez Ibarrola

Who is she?

Jimena Suárez is the founder of Sentient, a Vegan Fashion House. She was born in Mexico City and lived there until she was nine years old. Afterward, she moved to Austria and at 21, moved back to Mexico’s capital.


Where does she live?

Jimena currently lives in the Roma Sur neighborhood, an area of Mexico City with lots of soul. Here, you can feel and see the social cohesion of a small town within a large urban area. With its small businesses and beautiful landscape, it’s impossible not to feel connected to the city.


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“The backbone of my gratitude to the [fashion] industry is meeting incredible human beings that are part of my team, who inspire me to work harder and be better so that the brand is a place that merits their talent.”

Jimena Suarez Casai CDMX neighbor
Jimena Suarez CDMX Casai neighbor

“I chose this apartment because it provides a sense of seclusion from the busy life of Roma Norte, as well as the calm serenity that the terrace distills.”

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