Lucía Benítez, Co-founder of Sobremesa


Co-founder of Sobremesa

Lucía Benítez

Mexico City-native, Lucía Benítez, is the co-founder of Sobremesa, a space for all things culinary and community in the Roma Norte and Juárez neighborhoods. Sobremesa, when directly translated, means the time after sharing a meal when you can sit and enjoy the company of those around the table. Lucia says she was always passionate about cooking and wanted to open a space where she could pair her love of food with her experience in marketing. Lucia is a mother of two and lives in the Condesa neighborhood. She told Casai she loves living in Condesa for its green spaces and tranquil atmosphere, which make it an ideal place for raising a family.

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“I love to go to the markets in Mexico City. A market really tells the story of the neighborhood. The story of the food—of course—but also the diverse people who live there and how they interact.”

Lucía Benítez, Co-founder of Sobremesa
Lucía Benítez, Co-founder of Sobremesa

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